Why steal children

Began to suspect that your child engaged in theft? Today we talk about why they steal children . We consider several possible reasons why children begin to engage in this shameful occupation. After reading our information and tips to it, you can assist ensure that the child is no longer stealing.

Child stealing

Let’s start with young children, the fact that young children – aged 2 to 4 years, are not yet fully formed, they do not understand the difference between my stuff and other people’s. Therefore among this age group, child stealing is a very frequent phenomenon.

But “stealing” — says it’s too loud, is it possible to call a thief a child who took a toy his coeval only in good intentions – to play. It is in good intentions, because it was said that children at this age are not aware in this regard and simply don’t understand the difference. The toy is just a toy, an object for entertainment or learning something new.

As assist ensure that the child did not take other people’s toys at this age? It’s pretty simple, no special conversations don’t need to start with the child, punish him, and the like. The child’s parents, must keep walking the tight control that the baby was not in distress and has not taken his friend forever. To do this, at the end of the game if his friend in the sandbox don’t mind that your child took his toy, be sure to explain to your show by example that other things must be returned to its owner. This very behavior you’ll start breeding from their own child, and possible problems with child stealing in the future will be minimized.

Consider the following reason why they steal children. Children a little older, aged 4 to 6 years, more than a formed personality, they discern, own things from other people’s things. At this age, as demonstrated by psychologists, children are beginning to engage in these negative acts consciously. Why, now let’s try to understand, according to psychologists, stealing from children, based on the three most common soils;

Why steal children

• In the first case, why children go for this act is based on the subconscious level. Many of the children seeing any of interest, welcome piece, which he had so long begged for mom and dad, have a subconscious desire to get this subject by any means. The majority of children facing a similar situation, do it consciously, we are aware that they will be punished, but it doesn’t stop them, their desire is stronger than fear.

• In the second case, kids stealing can sometimes be motivated to prove himself. Children at this age, once in a new company or being in the former, I want to assert themselves. Child, getting into a new company wants to prove that he’s an adult, not afraid of anything and he’s willing to be their friends even dare to go on the offense. In the second case, if the company is your baby, for some reason rejects it, then he can also go on the offense, not to be left alone and to prove their courage.

• In the third case, children stolen quite rarer than the first two. There are situations when parents do not pay enough attention to your child. They do little to communicate with him, do not give enough affection and positive emotions. Therefore, the child unconsciously commits a crime, being aware of what will be punished, but he is not afraid, because in this case, the parents discovered the theft, will definitely take action. Let these measures will have negative consequences for the child, but he will be allocated a little attention, even if not quite pleasant. Child theft often happens when the family is experiencing such negative experiences, as related death, divorce or relocation. In all these cases, the children are given a minimum of attention. Don’t forget that you have a child, he also worries about the incident, perhaps even more than you, don’t leave the little one unattended.

How to wean a child to steal

When the most frequent causes of child considered theft, you need to decide how to disaccustom the baby to steal. If you look at it from the psychological side, a child who has committed such an act must be punished. He must feel guilty. Otherwise, if the child is not punished, it can end for his parents and himself very sad. So to punish the child, no matter with what intentions he did it. He should understand that taking someone else’s belongings without permission is not.

As for punishment, it must be equivalent to the deed. You should not punish the child, saving him from computer games for a month or not be allowed to go out with my friends because of petty theft. Definitely, before you choose the punishment, weigh, and to find out why he did it, perhaps it had any good intentions, is one of those cases of children stealing from a parent’s wallet money to do something nice for them.

Having received the answer to the question you posed, go to the choice of punishment, if the offence is identical to that described above. Then explain to your child that he should understand why you think that this act negative and should have no place in the life of a decent man, even if it was based on good intentions.

For punishment can lead the child to apologize, in this case, the punishment fit the crime. For lesson, tell the kid that if he wants to make someone a gift, then stealing is not worth it. Stealing, it makes someone uncomfortable, it is very important that he understand. In order to send the child to the right way, can give him any job for which he will receive a small reward, so you show your child how money is earned, thereby, to wean the child to steal.

In this case, when you have caught their child, that he stole any thing extraneous. The penalty, of course must be stricter. For example, instrument of punishment may serve as an ordinary apology to the victims. In this case, your child will be very to worry about, it would be a shame to see the injured man, and even more to apologize to him.

By doing this, the baby is unlikely to want to return to such sensations. Thus, you will also make a step in weaning the child from stealing. By the way, missed a moment in time, when you are talking with Chad about the theft which he had committed, important is on par with him, that is, to look into the eyes of the same height. Psychologically, the child will feel that he is talking on equal terms, so it will be opened soon. And another thing, do not hurry to punish the child, if you saw some of his new toys, which you did not buy, do not rush to attack the kid and punish him, he may just be exchanged with someone.

This concludes our topic: why steal children and how to wean the child from stealing. Learn to understand your baby. Wish you lived all the time in a harmonious family relationship and are not faced with theft.

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