What to do with the child during the summer?

The summer comes, and with the first warm and Sunny days I want to throw away everything and relax, relax, enjoying all the opportunities that gives us time for the holidays. However, for those who want to relax with use. the language school IH Riga prepared an extensive package of offers and significant discounts – up to 50% on all summer programs for children and adults! Summer camps abroad is also a great opportunity to relax and improve their knowledge at the most favorable prices!

Summer courses in Riga – 2 times cheaper for both children and adults

To predict, what will be our Baltic summer, we take only the most daring forecasters. We suggest you not to speculate, and to plan in your power to make the summer of 2011 filled! The school IH Riga you will be able to choose the course that best suits you and level, and on the means and intensity – 1, 2, 3 or 5 times a week. After all, to learn from us in the summer 2 times cheaper than in the winter!

Our school has developed special programs summer language courses for children. If after a hard school year schoolboy scary to even think about textbooks and rote learning, and foreign language needs practice, then surely he will like spoken English classes with a professional teacher is a native speaker. New this year is a special four-level course for children and teenagers “the conversation class with a native speaker”. On exciting activities students will hone their speaking skills, conversing with a foreign teacher on a variety of topics, participate in role plays, discussions and various projects. Topics are chosen according to the age peculiarities of children and adolescents, their interests and needs. The course allows you to enhance existing and to significantly expand vocabulary, “put” pronunciation, to overcome the language barrier. Depending on the baseline level of knowledge, the course can be a great basis for preparation for the oral part of the school or international exams.

Another new summer program for students – a special three-level course “Friends with grammar!” – a fascinating journey into the world of English grammar, in which students organize the material studied, learn how to actively use grammatical structures in a variety of situations. The course is designed for those who want to consolidate and deepen the knowledge of grammar, to understand its logic and system, to improve literacy and, ultimately, to build a solid grammatical base. Those who in the coming year finishes school, the course is a great preparation for centralized examinations in English language and University entrance.

For those who want to get better results for less money with the discount of 50%, IH Riga pass offers four-week intensive (5 lessons per week) General English course . The program allows you to combine the work on all four language skills (oral and written expression, listening comprehension, grammar), to acquire and consolidate the skills of fluent and correct communication in a foreign language.

Special summer offer – up to 50% on training waiting for our adult students. Varied the intensity of summer programs is 1, 2 or 3 times a week – creates a wide opportunity for our students, whether it’s the schedule or the cost. Special offer for students IH Riga, who studied the entire 2010/2011 academic year – free classes with a foreign teacher in groups language support throughout the summer! As students of past years – a discount of 50%!

So, if You and Your children plan to spend the summer in Riga – use the language school IH Riga – and You will be surprised by its results!

Summer programs abroad – affordable prices, great quality

Good news: the crisis has caused a decline in the prices of education in foreign language schools. Thus, the cost study, the cost of food and accommodation in England has decreased by 20 to 30 percent. It’s time to go to study abroad, after all for anybody not a secret that learning a language is best where it is spoken everywhere!

IH Riga offers the best foreign language school for individual and group travel, both for children and adults – at very attractive prices!

For example, language schools, located in the popular resort in the University town of Bournemouth – Westbourne Academy (16 +) offer the perfect combination of quality teaching, a variety of recreational and competitive prices. So, a two-week stay and study at Westbourne Academy on the program “all inclusive” now will cost 599 Ls + ticket.

Those who dreams of creative self-expression, we can recommend a trip to the group with accommodation in the residence of one of the best chasnyk England colleges International Student Club (10 +), whose motto “Learn is easy when it is fun” (“Learning is easy when it’s fun”). This is an amazing school, which during 15 years of cooperation, the students spoke only positively! The quality of training, nutrition and after-school programs and development of creative abilities in ISC at a very high level, and the price is very competitive.

Included a variety of activities: guided tours and art workshops, theatrical studios, photo labs, film studios. Particularly suitable such packages to children and adolescents, because it is in communication and games for young students best learn a foreign language.

Outdoor enthusiasts many foreign language schools offer the program “Language plus sports”. If You want to combine study, recreation and sports, you can go to Spain, Italy or Malta, where language learning can be combined with the practice of water sports and even get international certificate PADI scuba diver.

For senior students and adults, working people of the developed program of study business foreign. The emphasis is on the study of business vocabulary, business communication and correspondence rules. The minimum duration is two weeks (60 hours). Students work with business media, documentation, study the records of press conferences, lose typical business situations. Some schools have the option to choose specific students in the field of business, to study special vocabulary. Course of business foreign is the basis for the rapid launch business career both in Latvia and abroad.

There is no need to talk about how many new experiences and knowledge will bring Your child from a foreign school. Socializing with peers in a relaxed atmosphere, summer fun, meeting new people, strong knowledge – all this every summer motivates many people to come and spend the holidays in a different language centres around the world. Experts IH Riga always ready to help You select the best choice and the program, to execute all necessary documents, give advice on school selection. In addition, IH Riga will be happy to offer You a free month of training at our school before travelling.

We wish You warm and Sunny days filled with the joy of discovery, and we are sure the summer will be great, if you hold it with IH Riga!


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