Calculated the sex of the baby!

Gone are the prejudices, and the progress has reached unprecedented miracles. Using the life experiences of the older generation and the achievement of scientific progress, couples are now engaged in the planning of family planning and sex of the child.

For the child’s sex meet sex chromosomes. Men have different sex chromosomes, one X chromosome is several times more than other Y – chromosome. The woman has 2 X chromosomes. Ie the sex of a child depends entirely on what chromosome contained in the sperm got to the egg: X or Y. There are plenty of techniques that allow you to schedule future sex of the baby.

Planning according to ancient Chinese calendar

They say that this technique had been in the catacombs for more than 700 years. The ancient Chinese method of planning the sex of a child is very easy to use, you only need to know the age of the mother at the time of birth and the month of conception of the child. By the age of the mother at the moment of conception of the child must be added to 8.5 – 9 months – this is the date of birth of the child. Many sources instead of a woman’s age at the time of birth indicates the age of the woman at the moment of conception the unborn child. This is a wrong theory.

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How children react to divorce

At what age a child reacts to a conflictual relationship between the parents and the stress of divorce?

The child “feels” the state of the mother in utero .

Even under favorable external conditions, the fact of pregnancy creates some psychological problems for the mother. In the study of emotional response of women during physiological pregnancy was discovered growing along with the growth of pregnancy the level of trait anxiety. Anxiety in pregnancy is considered as an adaptive process, i.e. physiologically necessary.

However, due to this, a pregnant woman becomes extremely sensitive and vulnerable to any additional negative impacts. Conflict relations between spouses during pregnancy lead to adverse consequences for physical and mental condition of the child. One of the effects of stress factors is the activation of sympathoadrenal system and the associated increased production of stress hormones (catecholamines), resulting in increased vascular tone, changing their permeability, increased blood pressure, increased uterine contractions, uterine hypertonus. It all feels a not yet born child. The change in the functional activity of the autonomic nervous system and neurohumoral disorders lead to the development Continue reading

Mom, I’m scared!

” Mom, I’m scared! — with a shout and cry ran into the parent’s bedroom a little Pasha. Clinging to his mother’s breast, he babbled:

— There… dark… under the bed… terrible…

Mom put her son beside him, patted on the head, and he immediately fell asleep.

— Lisa, so not, — said in a whisper dad, Anatoly Vasiliev. — so You will want to grow up the son of a weakling and a rag. Nothing to appease his fears. Or do you want him to 18 years old slept with us in the same bed?

— what do you suggest? — offended Lisa. — to Lock him in the room — and let him cry into hysterics? You know, better to let the wuss and wuss than neurotic or schizophrenic.

— I Agree, this is also not an option. But then what to do?

— Go to sleep… Tomorrow go ask your mom. It is after all a teacher has worked all her life, have an understanding of child psychology.

The next day on a visit to Vasiliev came grandmother, Elena. After playing with his grandson and putting him for a NAP, she listened to the arguments of both parents, smiled and began her story. — Ah, youth, how I understand you. Because the problem of children’s fears faced by all parents, and my grandfather is no exception. Here Continue reading

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If the child does not respond to treatment and requests
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The Development of logical thinking in children of preschool age
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