The Development of logical thinking in children of preschool age

Logic (al-Greek. — “the science of correct thinking”, “the art of reasoning” from “speech”, “reasoning”, “thought”)

Relevance. A child is ready for schooling largely depends on the development of his intellect. After all, it is important not only what knowledge is owned by the child at the time of admission to school, and whether he is ready to receive new knowledge, the ability to reason, to dream, to make their own conclusions, analyze, compile, build the designs, drawings, writings. Studies have shown that a significant part of the difficulties faced by children during primary education, due to the fact that the older preschoolers are insufficiently developed ideas about the conceptual relations underlying the logical thinking. The mastery of logical relations has a significant place in the intellectual development of the child, so the older preschoolers are quite able to “overcome” the barrier between visual-imaginative conceptual and logical thinking. This is possible if all of the activities your preschooler to develop mental operations, such as synthesis, comparison, abstraction, classification, establishing causal relationships, understanding Continue reading

Do I Have to spoil their children?

Nobody likes “spoiled” children are selfish, insensitive, demanding, capricious. But how to raise a child, lest he grow up to be? What actions can you spoil a baby?

When my children were still very young, I was often told that I’ll spoil children, because too caressing and comforting them when they cry. Fortunately, I never fell for that stuff.

You can’t spoil a baby with his love. Children just need love, food and fresh air. The problem is, what to call “love.”

When we give children all that they want in material terms, we don’t give them love. Often parents think that by inundating children’s toys or to satisfy their other desires, and show her your love. But therein lies the risk to raise a spoiled child.

There are three negative consequences of dabbling in the child in material terms:

This forms dependent behavior – things and fun substitute for the lack of emotion that is felt by the child. Too many adults are seeking to fill an emotional emptiness inside, buying unnecessary, in General, things or doing more extreme sports. If they have stress, instead find a cause, they try to remove it with the help of shopping, food, alcohol, etc. When we buy your Continue reading

Parents and children – joint training exercises

Many parents underestimate the benefits of physical education classes with children from 2 to 5 years. When talking, mainly a few thoughts: “My child is so restless. Why with him to learn even more exercises, if it cannot be kept in place even 5 minutes?”, “How should I get the time and knowledge (I have a totally different profession), to exercise with your child. This should be done by a specialist!”

Yes, indeed, hard to find a child suffering from lack of exercise, but the task of parents – not to force a child to run and jump, and to instill a culture of movement, that is to send boundless energy in the right direction. During this period the work of the parents can be compared with the activity of a gardener, which forms in the future, a healthy tree. Although many movement skills are inherited. but there is something to pay attention: as a child landing after jumps – all foot or on the toes, whether correctly the child tumbles as it keeps your back and torso during the movement – this will depend on its future posture as the child breathes, and so on.

Second, the idea that physical activity with the child should engage a specialist that is true, but only Continue reading

Education samostijnist doshkolenok in obrazovanje diyalnosti
Robot title of the album to the problems of education samostijnist doshkolenok in obrazovanje diyalnosti (material aplic). Probalby floofs, psychological and pedagogic look at the development of samostijnist. Viznacheno cutsthe…

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Known the desire of the younger preschoolers to independence.
You know the desire of younger preschoolers to independence. It acquires a moral sense in an activity in which the child manifests his attitude towards others. It is not only…

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The Education of boys and girls
When you are expecting a baby, the desire to ask questions – how much it would weigh rebeccak to cope with the tantrums and hyperactivity of the child. what he…

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