The Influence of adults on children’s development

In the work of the kindergarten has its own challenges in the implementation of labor education: a significant portion of the adult labor is not in front of children. It is therefore necessary to find ways and forms of approach to the child labour of adults, working in kindergarten, strengthen its influence on the formation of children’s work habits, to learn the most effective example of the influence of the adult, and to outline the principles, form and content of adult labor performed at children, or jointly with them.

In resolving the question of a possible approximation to the children of staff working on the creation of an environment where children could use the life-giving examples of senior, is possible in various ways: bringing children to work adults, the approach of working adults to children, and, finally, joint activities for adults and children.

The first way is widely practiced in kindergarten is specially organized in the classroom to show the children of adult labor, supervision, group visits-kitchen, storage room, doctor’s office, etc. Children show cooking, washing clothes, tailoring jobs, housecleaning, furniture, and toys, etc. Such organized displays to familiarize children with the labour of adults is a program of the kindergarten.

Surveillance with adults at the kindergarten are of great educational value: they clarify the views of children, awaken curiosity, interest in the activities of adults, foster positive relationships, respect for their work.

Classes contribute to the formation of the child’s desire to imitate adults in their behavior. In children younger groups is most pronounced in the game, senior in performing their tasks. But the actual impact of these activities have not been effective. They need to back up their own work activities directed by the teacher. Obviously, the classes are too episodic, because it is difficult in large groups often visit the kitchen, Laundry, etc. in addition, classes are almost entirely contemplative nature.

Recognizing the value of special observations of labour, they still need to be complemented and more active means of influence on a child’s development. We’re to bring the labour of adults to children. All that is possible with hygienic and pedagogical point of view, it is desirable to be done in the presence of children. A work that systematically and naturally occurs in full view of children, usually attracts their attention, arouses the desire to act, imitating adults. Adult can intensify the influence of her example, involving children in the work and organizing it as a joint work.

To what extent labour organization adults with children and even with them, it gives to bring and what are the principles, the specific content and form of such joint activities adults and children?

Young children are not all working adults perceive as work. Children of preschool age, even older, usually do not appreciate the work as intellectual work, organizational work. If they do not conduct special interviews, they have little understanding of what constitutes “work” the teacher, the head, etc.

When we talk about adult labor in the presence of children, we mean a job that for children it is a good centre for the study of labor (made thing, order and cleanliness after cleaning, washing, etc.), or specific work activity (digging the earth, feeding animals, etc.).

Under the joint work we mean such activities adults with children when the teacher (and other adults) acts not only as persons organizing and directing the work of children, but also as a direct participant in the labor process.

It is quite clear that with this understanding the question of productive activities teacher (and other adults) is limited as the age of the children, with whom it is working caregiver, and specific character of work.

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