The education of the child without yelling and punishments.

Education is a science. All parents want to see their child’s cultural, happy and educated. Therefore, they make every effort in education. Some parents believe that it is necessary to constantly scold or punish your baby, other unacceptable this form of communication with children. How to educate? Psychologists completed a number of research and made my conclusions.

An important factor parents – peace of mind

All moms and dads love their kids, however, can not boast of a calm attitude toward pampering your child. In the end, they start screaming, to take up the belt or scold your child. Just imagine that little man feels at the moment. He’s completely defenseless, he has the most native and close people – mom and dad. Suddenly they begin to hurt your baby. The outcome is unfavorable. Psychologists say that such education spoils in the first place the health of the baby. Such children manifest depression in adolescence often leads to suicide.

The child’s mind is disturbed by rough handling or humiliation of the individual. So the first thing parents need to be calm and balanced.

An example to follow

Every child tries to behave exactly like their parents. Before you can educate your child, pay attention to yourself. If you are unhappy with the behavior of a son or daughter, just do not scold. Think about why they do this. Most likely they borrowed this behavior.

In children cannot be other examples, in addition to others. Watch his speech in society, companies, parents and friends. Only then the children will behave properly.

Parents often scold the kid that he sits over the plate and will not be able to eat a spoonful of cereal as watching TV. Pay attention to your family members, you probably will be surprised, but the child someone to make a copy.

You don’t like that the baby spends a lot of time on the computer? Again an example to follow. If you’ll scold, he won’t understand why parents can, and he can’t. It just wasn’t fair.

Emotional conversations

What will you do if the baby will throw your phone in a bowl of water or pull the tablecloth with your favorite set from the table? Best case, you’ll begin to scream, and at worst even imagine. For such cases, psychologists have found ways to calm down:

Try after acute situation immediately close my eyes and count to 10-15. During these seconds you will calm down and understand one fundamental truth that everyone in the family is alive and healthy, nothing terrible happened, and the dishes and the phone can be acquired.

In the second stage, sit down and talk with your child. Explain why you are so upset.

Never say the word “impossible”. Each time be sure to explain why this or that act is wrong.

Important rules

Before you offend their helpless little ones, listen to the psychologists who have identified a few basic rules for parents:

Never suddenly a loud voice. Sudden noises frighten children, especially little ones.

Stubborn kids only parents will understand what is good or bad.

Never be confused tone of voice. There are two main types: strict and hysterical. The child definitely will not be confused. In strictness he obeys, and his tantrum scare.

Apply rigor and affection. Then the kids can tell when parents are angry or praise.

Tips for parents

Psychologists have identified 6 basic tips for mom and dad. If they stick, you can easily cope with emotions.

Show them who’s boss. The child must understand that he cannot be the leader because he has not grown yet.

Children need to clearly understand what can and cannot take.

Every child must adhere to certain rules that are set at home.

If the kid is well behaved, helps her mother, not offended at trifles – he deserved a surprise. It can be: candy, chocolate, watching cartoons or favorite game.

You should teach your child accountable. From early childhood, teach him that his action must answer for himself, and not adults.

Don’t worry about your toddler tantrums. Very often, they thus attract the attention of others.

As you can see, it is possible to raise children without yelling or punishment. However, always remember that you are the example to follow. First educate yourself and then your child.


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