The Education of boys and girls

When you are expecting a baby, the desire to ask questions – how much it would weigh rebeccak to cope with the tantrums and hyperactivity of the child. what he would be like, what he will become when I grow up (Yes, Yes, many expectant mothers even ask myself this question) is as natural as frequent urination. And while some parents spend hours coming up with a name for the new baby, other all nine months of pregnancy suffer a single question: boy or girl?

Expectations and superstition

Regardless, we are ready to admit it or not, old wives ‘ tales and superstitions possess the minds of many, even the most enlightened future parents: if the stomach women “acute” and is directed forward, so she will have a boy. If the abdomen was globular, protruding and sides, she should prepare for the appearance of girls. It is also believed that if a woman during pregnancy, lost her looks, she’s a girl, but if bloomed, boy. Another popular superstition that if a pregnant drawn to sweet, so will be a girl, if cold and salty – boy. If the future Pope during pregnancy its second half gained a few pounds, then you need to prepare for the appearance of girls.

But, as is known to all parents, these cute superstitions as nothing more than an excuse to laugh and to brighten up the long months of waiting child fun game of “who we be”. But if you ask parents to guess the sex of the child, in seven cases out of ten their guess is correct.

In addition, some parents want (or feel greater intimacy) it is a boy or a girl. For example, some couples believe that they are “more suitable” (or better) girl: they love creativity, music and art, not a sport, so she will fit into their family perfectly natural. Other couples, childhood has passed in the house filled with noise and hubbub of the boys, can’t imagine my life without mischievous pranks, smeared with green paint knees, funny inventions and other indispensable attributes of a real boy. But we know that it is not so simple when it comes to sex. In the end, all parents dream about the birth of a healthy child, and so he will be a boy or a girl, is not so important.

But in the future when it comes to education, gender of child already has a value.

The role of the brain

For many years parents (and doctors) was to blame in the brain differences between boys and girls. However, “guilty” is not so much the structure of the brain itself, how the sequence of development of different parts of the brain. So, in 2007, American scientists conducted a large-scale study of brain development and intelligence in children, which showed that the trajectory of brain development in girls and boys are not the same.

What does it mean? Briefly, this result can be explained as follows: if to teach the same subjects to boys and girls alike, girls will probably think: “complex Geometry”, and the boys will think: “Painting and literature – for girls”. The lack of understanding of gender differences in teaching may have undesirable consequences in the form of strengthening gender stereotypes. This is one reason why it is important to understand that the brains of men and women functions differently.

It is considered that the boys grasp new information more slowly than girls (this is also blamed the brain). But the researchers found that, although the development of brain areas responsible for speech development and fine motor skills, girls are six years ahead of boys, for the development of brain areas involved in planning and spatial memory, they lag behind boys in about four years.

But it’s not just about the brain: sex differences are very real and may require different education, different rules and methods. Girls are usually more emotional and sensitive, while boys prefer to act. According to child psychologists, parents must carefully approach this stereotype. It is considered that boys grow faster, gain experience faster (it is not), therefore, they impose more stringent requirements. But even the most independent boy needs adults taught him how to behave, he set the boundaries of behavior and created a clear structure – only then he will feel secure. This is especially important given that boys, unlike girls, respond better to actions and deeds. They do more and talk less: they make sounds associated with the action. They buy figurines of comic book characters. They play active games. Girls are more receptive, they easily and naturally communicate, make new acquaintances, and all thanks to sooner acquired verbal skills, which allows them to better and faster to fit in with the school team.

Psychologists emphasize that in school the boys have a harder time because they find it harder to concentrate on doing the job than the girls. Due to increased mobility and activity boys are more likely to get into trouble, the more quiet girls. If you have a boy, remember the good old expression “actions speak louder than words”, and apply it in communication with the child. Play with him in structural games, build houses out of blocks to teach order and discipline.

In addition to the biological and social dynamics between boys and girls there are physical differences are obvious even at first glance: height, weight, facial features and physique. All these features influence exercised by parents on parenting techniques.

Although the face itself does not affect who himself relates a child with boys or with girls, he tends to identify with role models of the same gender, in particular, with the father or mother, and educators. Already in kindergarten, children begin to adopt the values of their family and society. In our society girls are less conform to gender stereotypes; more can a girl playing with cars than a boy playing with dolls.

Gender differences

Why is it so important? Psychologists explain: the biological differences are much less significant than believe the majority of parents. The child of two years, most gender differences are not innate, but acquired. Children are like sponges absorb information that they receive both verbal and non-verbal, to the crazy pace of modern life leaves an imprint on the formation of their identity. So when they note that girls often say how nice they are, and boys are allowed to be more aggressive in children are formed judgments about what it means to be a “girl” or “boy.”

Well, when parents understand the typical differences between boys and girls, but more importantly, that they see the child not as a boy or girl, we have a set of gender characteristics, but above all as a person. The task of modern parents is to understand how social pressure experienced by the child, and do everything possible to reduce this harmful pressure.

The best method of raising a child, regardless of gender, is always to be involved in his life, to encourage Frank and honest communication, not to judge and to hide the truth.


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