The correct speech Development of the child 3, age 4

We all want it our child was competent, clear. Child 3-4 years of age is difficult to master immediately and grammar of speech (to coordinate the parts of speech in the kind, number, case, time), and the pronunciation of sounds, and the ability to speak coherently my thoughts. The correct pronunciation of sounds runs parallel with the development of phonemic hearing — both hears and speaks. Therefore, in no event it is impossible to Lisp with the child, the adult should speak clearly, distinctly.

Child 3-4 years have not always adjust their speech breathing: do not make pauses between words, phrases, swallow the endings of words, not always correctly places the emphasis in the words. And after all of the correct speech breath depends the beauty and fluency of speech. Be able to correctly hear and pronounce the sounds of the native language (in this age — except l, R, W, g) will be special games and exercises.

Check the condition of the oral cavity of the child: healthy teeth, flexible bridle, timely prevention of chronic laryngitis.

The ideal solution is the development of a child’s speech – this development through play.

We offer you a series of speech therapy games for children 3, 4 years. These games develop the correct speech of the child.

Tale of the Tongue

The objective of the game — will acquaint the child with the speech organs: the tongue, lips, palate, larynx.

The necessary equipment: a mirror.

◈ How to play: tell the tale of the Tongue. He lived in the mouth and was very curious. He liked to lean out of his mouth and look around (tongue movement left – right, up – down, circular motion, etc.). He loved to play hide and seek: to hang out and hide behind the teeth, upper and lower. And he loved to be teased — was done then wide, then narrow.

◈ Parrilladas with the child before the mirror, build faces.

◈ Surely he or she will like to help themselves to pronounce consonants. The tongue the teeth, palate, larynx. Say the sounds in, s, W, d, n, K, C, sh. Sing the sounds m, n, s, W, W. Let the kid put a hand to her throat while pronouncing these consonants, he will feel that in my throat something vibrates — there come the sounds.

◈ Vowels are pronounced without the help of language. They can sing voice. Sing: Ah-Oh-Uh-And-U-S. Remember what are consonant sounds (“Sizzling”, “ringing”, etc.).

◈ Fix: often crusies in front of the mirror. Let the kid performs, for example, the exercise: put wide language — “hell” — on lower lip and say, “Bang, Bang, Bang”. Smile, pressing his tongue to the sky, and holding the tongue, can close and open the mouth of it. D.

Delicious jam

Articulation exercises

◈ How we play: the child should be slightly open mouth and lick the upper lip, moving language from top to bottom. Make sure to work only with the tongue and lower jaw didn’t help.

Naughty tongue

The game helps to develop the ability to relax the muscles of the tongue, to keep it broad and relaxed

◈ How we play: the child should be slightly open mouth, putting his tongue to the lower lip and smack (“punishing”) his lips, to say: “Bang, Bang, Bang”.

Exercise for language

◈ How to play; invite a child to Potocari, as a horse. Chop chop you need a tongue, pressing it to the alveoli of the upper teeth.

◈ Fix: this exercise can be done every day.

Bad advice

The game trains the muscles, jaw, tongue

◈ How to play: your child licked a Popsicle stick, licked the crumbs from the plate, took the ball in his mouth and rolls it in his mouth, blew a bubble from chewing gum or put out the tongue? Forgive him for this prank. Just recall that when strangers do not.

◈ Fix: you can put the baby on the tip of the tongue toffee or other candy, and the child should hold her for as long as he can stand. And you consider at this time.

Tongue toying

The game helps to learn to say short chistogovorki

◈ How to play: children 3-4 years of age love to play with words. So, we play. Tell stories with your child, for example:

BA-BA-BA ” buzzed pipe,

Bo-Bo-Bo — protein of the village in the hollow,

BU-BU-BU — Raven sits on the oak tree.


◈ Such chistogolovka you can think of for any sound.

Use the paired consonants, for example, hardness – softness:

On-on-on — in the sky the moon is shining,

Nyah, Nyah, Nyah — to us there is Nafanya.

◈ Fix: take the inverse syllables:

Hell-hell-hell — nick will be happy

Poison-poison-poison — candy from the guys.


◈ Pronounce them quiet – loud, fast – slow. These vocal exercises it is advisable to do every day for 5-10 minutes, using every free minute, — on the way to kindergarten, to the store.

The game helps to teach clearly pronounce the words

♦ Mila, chalk, mill, furniture (nil).


The game helps to teach your child to finish the word, develops clearly—creative thinking

◈ How play: speak with your child:

Ko-Ko-Ko — on the stove ran Molo. (Ko).

SchA-schA-schA — green ro. (schA).

Chu-Chu-well — the pedal Crewe. (Chu).

◈ Change roles. The child says syllables, you have thee speak out the word. For example, the child says: “To” — tell you: “-shade”.

◈ Fix: keep playing: Lou MS, STU-residential, OK-but machine.

◈ If the child cope, suggest one syllable finish multiple endings: but the reapers, -GI, -ski. Who will choose syllables, the winner.

Snapped, slapped, that’s all

◈ How to play: invite a child to become a balloon that will inflate and deflate the implant. You inflate the ball — the child throws his hands out to the side and takes a deep breath through your nose, you blow away the ball — a child hugging his hands and says on a long exhale: “sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh”. This exercise can be done several times a day.

◈ Fix: as a hissing snake? — long sh-sh-sh-sh – sh-sh, like a buzzing mosquito? — long W-W-W-W-W-W, etc.


The game helps to develop speech and breathing

Necessary equipment: water, cups, straws.

◈ How to play: invite a child to compete — to blow into the straw, dropped into the water. Who has more air bubbles is the winner. But if the straw be dipped into the juice, juice, whether will be bubbles? Try to take long and short straws: will this affect the result?

◈ Fixed: now the winner is the longer it will

blow into the straw.

◈ street blow with the hand leaves, petals, feathers.

◈ How to play: blow on cotton balls lying on the table. Who has the ball will fly further is the winner. Maybe they blow away from the table in the basin, standing on a chair? Or split the table thread (lace) in half and blow on the cotton wool so as not to blow away on the other half. Who crossed the border — he lost.

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