The Child and the computer

I Think many parents as I’m concerned-to put or not to put children at the computer?

I have to admit was very confused as to what my four year-old does not want to play childish computer

After all it is clear that in this age without a computer-anywhere and the child should be at home.

The main factors harmful influence of the computer on the human body are:

1. The load on the eyes.

2. Cramped posture.

3. Radiation.

4. Impact on the psyche.

Given these factors, what can be done and how to assist the child in the most secure environment in interaction with a computer

that’s a plus

The majority of children’s computer games stimulate brain activity of the child, develop coordination, motor skills, and improve language skills, and thus create a strong bond between child and parents, as children computer game can be a enjoyable family activity. The development of intellectual abilities of the child, of course, very important, but equally important for healthy emotional growth is love and physical activity.

Teachers are advised to use computer games as a fun pastime and strengthen family ties between children and parents, and create from this tradition, as bedtime stories, which still exists in many homes, listening to popular radio stations, watching TV, picnic, camping, etc.

the majority of children’s computer games can serve not only for entertainment but also they can help to develop the intellectual, emotional and physical abilities of the child.

How to teach your child to relate correctly to the computer

Computer for a child can be a friend and helper, if you cultivate the right attitude. To prohibit access to the miracle machine is to limit its development. But how to protect their child from the harmful effects of games and the Internet? 3 ways to teach your child how to properly treat the computer

Here’s another opinion

It often happens that the apparent computer addiction can hide other problems. It is the failure of a child in real life, the inability to communicate, the so-called social adaptation. Such a child feels comfortable in virtual reality. And then primarily need to pay attention on the psychological problems of the child.

Konstantin SHAPOVALOV pastor of the “Morning star”

If the child, for example, ten years, his one-time communication with the computer should not exceed 20-30 minutes. After that he needs to take a break for 2-3 hours. It should also be remembered. that for children at least ten years of age, is more important than socializing with peers and not with “smart” machines.

Today confirmed the words of Scripture, in which the wise king Solomon warns parents: “even a child is known by his, clean and correct his conduct” (Prov. 20:11). In other words, if you someone can provide the freedom to shape the thinking of the child, then the child will show this person in my life.


Child up to 6 years of age should not spend at the computer for more than 10-15 minutes – and not even every day. For children aged 7-8 years, restriction of communication with the computer is 30-40 minutes a day. At 9-11 years of age can be allowed to sit at the computer no more than an hour and a half.

and here’s another plus

Susan Hoagland, the author of the book “Computers and children: a world of discoveries”, believes that developing computer programs contribute to raising the intellectual level and self-esteem of the child, develop his memory and speech.

Specialist in children’s programs Ralph Oosterhout says: “How can a man, who as a child played in wooden blocks, invent a cure for AIDS? Modern pilots, who grew up on computer games and trained on the simulators, the reaction rate is considerably higher than that of pilots of previous generations”.

Small children soon begin to take an interest in any technology available in the house. About the computer even and say nothing, it attracts kids like a magnet. Perhaps you should consider what to begin acquaintance of the child with unusual virtual world.

the opinion of an ophthalmologist

Looking in the computer, the child strains the eye muscles (which focus the lens at close distance), leaving them in this position for an indefinite period of time. It’s like toe pull or strain the biceps, and then stop so for an hour or two. Of course,much depends on genetic predisposition and the environment in which the child is reading, doing homework and watching TV. But in practice there are cases when it is the disregard of the generally accepted rules leads to the fact that the child loses diopters for one academic quarter.

Russian scientists have established that after 20 minutes of computer work signs of fatigue (both General and visual) in preschool children become pronounced, even if they claim that not tired. This time – limit. Older kids can stay at the computer a little longer, although the mandatory breaks for them. Short-sighted children and those who have both parents are nearsighted, you should reduce the working time at the computer.

As for the Scarecrow that computer “causes autism” or “zombifies” is complete nonsense. The computer is not a living creature. It does not cause problems by itself. He only brighter showcases the talents and weaknesses of man, the problems of upbringing and environment. Will be the computer, a friend, an enemy or just permalinki Handbook – depends only on us. The Magazine “Young Family”

In developed countries, active computer users very much attention to the restoration of health: exercises for eyes, athletic pauses, taking vitamins, etc.

In General, opinions are divided,but more negative.

My opinion-the computer is definitely needed. Importantly,as in everything in life-moderation.

The opinions of psychologists about children and computer very much separated to opposite.

I have downloaded the program “stoppc” and it turns off the computer games and programs in the specified time.

Aggression in children, I didn’t notice quite the contrary.

In my early years on the computer and did not dream.Played on consoles “Dandy” and so on and,in my opinion,it was much more harmful than a modern PC! Myself,I remember sitting for days and nights,don’t seem for life.

My vision,by the way,is excellent.The mentality seems to be OK too and I read a lot.

But my younger brother “Gamil” already on the computer,and with terrible force.Now he is an adult,is friends with the computer, but without fanaticism.

The sight,though not by much,but who can say with certainty,because of what?

Of course,everyone,after weighing all the pros and cons and in line with their beliefs,decides what his child. And I tell the computer Yes!

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