The Abstract parent meetings dedicated to the protection of the child

Work with parents

Parent-teacher conferences in kindergarten

Business game “Under the protection of the law”

educator 2 qualification category

The Town Of Leninogorsk, Tatarstan

Muzipova Svetlana Rivatune

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Making room: the inscription on the screen “If a child laughs – so we did the right thing” and illustration


To clarify, consolidate and deepen the knowledge of parents about human rights;

To systematize knowledge on implementing child rights in the family;

To disclose the content of legal education;

To develop parents ‘ initiative, creativity in performing tasks.


I. the Preparatory phase.

II. The organizational phase.

III. The stage of the business game.

IV. The final stage. Summing-up.


I. the Preparatory phase.

Preparation of necessary equipment and materials:

The article “the Constitution on the rights of the child”

Signal card (number of teams).

Cards with tasks and problem situations.

Scoreboard success.

The release of wall Newspapers for the exhibition.

Advice for parents “As it is impossible to do witha child”.

Advice for educators “Legal education of children as an innovative form of preschool education”.

II. The organizational phase.

The session will work in groups according to the number of commands parents to put out tables. On every table of the article “the Convention on the rights of the child”, signal flags. To prepare the table for the jury, and alarm card to assess the performance of teams.

III. The stage of the business game.

In the hall are the children and read poetry.

Let the children live, laugh loudly,

Grow with each passing day.

Let each child

Bright, warm house!

Childhood happens only once

The boys of any country.

Let no-one knows

Quietly the mother is gone

In a day full of Affairs, troubles, worries,

With hope in his eyes look,

With you saying goodbye at the gate.

Hope that does not deceive,

Toddlers do not be strict,

And hearts tender shoots

Hand, please don’t touch.

Moderator: Hello, dear parents, guests, our dear mommy. Today, on the eve of Mother’s day we want to talk to you about something very important: the rights of the child. To find out how much you are knowledgeable about legal issues and understand how the content of legal documents? Are you ready to implement their knowledge in working with children, we now see. Our parent meeting will be held in the unconventional form of “Business games”.

Let me introduce the participants of our game:

1 participant

2 party

3 party

4 party

5 party

6 party

7 party

8 party

9 party

10 party

11 party

12 party

Parents coming into the room, take the card – petal with the same number of team in which he will participate.

Host: let me introduce the members of the jury:

Deputy head of educational-methodical work Anisimov Evdokia Petrovna.

Educator 1 qualification category Evstigneeva Nadezhda Borisovna.

And so begin our business game.

1 the task of “connecting thread”

The table you have, dear participants lays a flower on the petals of which are written phrases from the articles of the Convention on the rights of the child. Your task is to place these phrases in the correct sequence, and articulate article of the Convention. For the correct answer, the team gets 5 points.

2 the quest “Find the right answer”

Its essence lies in the finding of a series of tales tales, the heroes of which were in captivity.

“Red riding hood”

“Porridge from axe”


The frog Princess”



“Masha and the bear”

“Kurochka – Ryaba”


“Three little pigs”

“A pot of porridge”

“Geese swans”

For each correctly named fairy tale team gets 1 point.

A game with the audience:

Quiz “the Right of literary heroes”

What literary characters would complain that violate their right to inviolability of the home? (The three little pigs, Bunny tale “Hare’s hut”).

Heroine what tales had to search and find in other countries asylum and protection from persecution? (“Thumbelina” Hans Christian Andersen.

The heroine of some of the tales used the right of free movement and choice of residence? (“Frog – traveler” Garshin).

For each correct answer parents receive candy.

3 task a guessing game

Call of heroes tales that have violated the right of marriage. Article of the Convention States that “Men and women have the right to marry and to found a family… a Marriage may be entered into only with the mutual consent of both parties.”

The continuation of the game with the audience:

In the tale violated the right to personal integrity, life and liberty? (“Grey neck”, “Thumbelina”, “Red riding hood” Tale of the fisherman and the fish”).

What right was violated by the witch in the fairy tale “Sister Alyonushka and brother Ivanushka”? (Right to life)

What right was violated in the tale “the Hare’s hut”? (right of integrity).

What crime did the geese in the fairy tale? (Abduction of children).

4 the job “human Rights in fairy tales”

The team should be called:

Literary work from which the given character (or passage) and author (if any);

The article, which is more suited to this literary work.

A game with the audience of the “Magic box”

From the trunk turns to get items symbolizing familiar to all human rights.

Birth certificate – What paper? What kind of law he resembles? (On the right in the name).

Heart – What right can indicate heart? (On the right to care and love).

The house – Why here? What kind of law he resembles? (Right to property).

The envelope – what resembles the envelope? (None has the right to read other people’s letters and pry).

Primer to what law are recalled for a primer? (Right to education).

Toy rabbit and Bunny – what resemble these toys? (On the right of the child to be with mom).

V. Final stage. Summing-up.

The jury announces the results. The winners are awarded prizes.

Interviewer: read the poem “the Happy man”

When is born child,

FOR mom no more expensive than anyone.

And the meaning of life immediately changed –

You start to live only for him.

And every waking moment

Now you give only to him.

It as if from adversity saving

You hug it to your heart.

And now the kid has grown a little bit,

Before him opened a new path.

And my mom already has to work,

So, in the kindergarten the child should go.

But somehow in my soul, there is increased anxiety,

With the excitement of this day, she waited

But affectionately greeting at the door,

The handle of the woman child took.

She patted his head

His soft and good hand

With a smile gave him a toy,

And in my mother’s soul came to rest.

As important, whose caring hands

You give your flesh and blood.

For their good, gifted children,

I teachers of all thank.

Communication with the soul of a child pure

The work you’re unlikely to be called.

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