Project “Computer games – good or bad?

Computers became part of our lives, such as television or cell phones. Introducing children to the computer more often occurs at a young age through play. When I began to linger long over your favorite computer game, mom began to say: «do Not sit long at the computer, going to ruin my eyes!”, “Enough to sit at the computer and get some rest!”. But I’m also wondering! In response I heard that the computer is bad for human health, not all games are useful for children.

I chose this topic because . what I was interested in how impact of computer games on the child, what games you play, and what cannot and why?

I believe that my chosen topic is important, since most students spend a lot of time on the computer, it is an integral part of their lives and not all of them know what the rules should be followed to maintain your health.

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The purpose of my research is to find out the positive and negative aspects of the influence of computer games in the life of a student, and to answer the main question: playing computer games – good or bad?

I have two assumptions :

Assume: to play computer games racing – it’s bad because they harm children’s health.

Maybe playing computer games – that’s okay, because the game develops children.

In order to reveal the purpose, I set myself the following tasks:

To know what good and what harm are for children computer games.

Learn how to organize the workplace at the computer, what are the rules of safe behavior must be observed.

To learn how to work in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, Nero Photo Snap to create a presentation, i.e. typing, making charts, to choose the background of the presentation, cut and paste the pictures into the presentation.

To check your assumptions, I made a plan of study:

Find and study in the literature and the Internet for information about the impact of computer games on children.

To find out whether there are hygiene requirements that must be followed children.

Conduct a survey of classmates, which will help figure out what games I like to play the pupils and their attitude to computer games.

Analyze the collected information.

To develop a guide on the safe use of computer games.

To perform the presentation of the collected material.

To participate in the lesson using the presentation.

To present research work at a school conference.

The intended result . after completion of the project, students will be able to:

to evaluate the usefulness of computer games;

choose games that develop thinking, logic, small muscles of the hand;

perform exercises for the muscles and eyes, to keep track of time spent at the computer;

to tell about necessity of observance of rules of safe behavior at the computer your relatives, friends.


To answer these questions:

1. My mom and I took advantage of the opportunities the Internet, find information and pictures, I analyzed the collected information.

2. Learned cut out the pictures, copy them and paste them into the presentation, print the text, insert a music file.

3. Together with Elena Valerievna we came up with a questionnaire for the children and conducted a survey.

4. Spent the class hour for 3b and 3b of the class.

5. Learned to process the obtained data and draw the chart.

A survey of classmates.

My classmates with interest responded to the questionnaire. I represent to your attention some of the results that I really liked to draw diagrams. The purpose of the survey: to find out which games you love to play the pupils and their attitude to computer games.

The results of the study showed that almost all the boys in the class (21 persons out of 24) have a home computer, learn to use different software, but most of the time for games. Few people think about the dangers and benefits of these games, and how about how much time you can play.

Talked to 3 guys “B” and 3 “In” classes using presentations.

Next, I present to you some of the slides from the presentation “Computer games – good or bad?”. We compared the Homo sapiens and the Human Player. Someone who enjoys sports, drawing, singing, has many friends… somebody ’ s only thinks he’s clever and strong, but actually working out only the muscles of the index finger that clicks the mouse. Stooping posture and long immobility lead to many diseases.

Excessive passion for video games hampers the development of children’s creativity, because it shows they invented the world. But the real world around us can’t fit in any frame – we have to learn creatively. The child, sitting out for hours in front of the computer, a little reading, his interests are narrowed to the size of the screen.

An important aspect of preservation of health of pupils, in my opinion, is the proper organization of the workplace, compliance with the time mode when using the computer. So after watching the presentation, it will be easier to make the right choice, I each classmate was given a Memo.

I think that my work was useful for me and for the guys who are addicted to computer games. I now carefully choose games. Advise for help to appeal to parents that will help to determine: – the quality of the game; – genre games; – game content.

The use of computer games allows: much easier and faster to develop memory, attention, imagination, the ability to find patterns. At the same time, we also learned about the harmful effects of these games. Recent research scientists have shown that it is not the computer itself has a negative impact on the human body, and the wrong location, compliance with the time restrictions on age.

You must talk with the guys about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, physical culture and sport. At observance of all these conditions, the computer will turn into a friend and faithful assistant.

The results of my research showed that my assumptions were not confirmed. Not to say that computer games – this is bad, and should completely abandon them. As it is impossible to say what is good, and you can play as you want and in any game. The influence of computer games on children is ambiguous. Who–that develops logical thinking, someone forgets about the surrounding real world. Here you need to adhere to the main principle-do no harm . The computer, like everything that surrounds us, can be both useful and harmful.

I’m planning in may to address this at the parent meeting, Elena V. conducted a survey among parents, the questions of which we too were together.


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