Parents and children: rights and responsibilities.

Somehow in one of the shows on TV showed the nursing home. Many inhabitants of the house were brought here by their children and left in the care of the state. The headmistress says that gradually, the children rarely visit their parents. At first, the old people are outraged, offended, then accept, i.e., as expected, move on the scale of emotions to apathy and death. And interestingly, for 25 years, her work was never a time that someone said it I raised these children. No one has claimed responsibility!

The situation according to our observations, is very characteristic: every parent believes the duty of children to provide him with the attention, support and care in old age. But you ask those who think so, what they did in the process of bringing to this character trait is caring and consideration for others? Very simple truth is that will create is what you get. Why is it that people voluntarily take on this is not very easy to wear: it is well known that with the elderly harder than with a baby. Only Moody, irritable dad will not put in the corner, not forced to be obedient as a child.

So how justified such an expectation? Let’s try to understand who is who and what should. It is useful to look at the classic analogy: what comes first – the chicken or the egg? It is curious that the ancients seem not to have come to a definite answer. Maybe since then, and this stretches the notorious problem of fathers and children? So, a hen can produce an egg? The answer is Yes, and repeatedly. While the egg can produce chickens? No. The egg is only the beginning of a new chicken, so the chicken is, in fact, produces a new chicken, which begins its life cycle with eggs. Hence it follows, that primary the chicken, because she decides when, how many and what color to produce eggs.

But what about people? It is easy to see, similarly. It is with a hint of children say: chicken eggs do not teach. Exclusively parents decide when and how much they will have children, and some still manage to schedule and the sex of the baby. Preparing for the baby, the choice of method of education, lifestyle and much more – all this is the full prerogative of the parents. And the child about all that anyone asks opinion? As in the famous joke about muckworms: Homeland (and hence parents) do not choose, son. The child is willing to live with parents who drink beer for a couple during pregnancy, smoke, have sex every time chlamydia will rassada the root chakra, and after birth to live in fear of possible punishment with a dream to get out to freedom? How many times have seen roughly as parents yelling at children, name-calling, face twisted with rage, slap. Theorists of education summarize the theoretical basis, share experiences in articles of the type “the Art of punishment”! And to change places don’t want? Before make happy your child gifted with life, you ask him, he agrees to live with you?

It turns out that without exception, all parents exercise their right to set the type of family relationships (and hence the type of habitat of the unborn child), to decide when to be your child how to handle it and what kind of life they want to live.

Accordingly the law should arise an obligation. Normal are two sides of the same coin. But the second side of the hitch. All parents do not hesitate to call the responsibility to provide all necessary, keeping in mind to dress, feed, protect, etc. i.e. what makes any mammal. On this part there is no doubt. And then? What is the fundamental feature of a Person? Obviously, for successful education knowledge and purposeful formation of human characteristics is crucial. Without them, everything else becomes secondary.

In the literature, oddly enough, could not find consensus about the fundamental essence of the Person. Here, for example, a highly respected neuroscientist G. shepherd [Neurobiology: In 2 t. T. 2. TRANS. angl.- M. Mir, 1987. 454 S. Il] enumerates the following characteristics:

 Bipedalism. Upper limb freed to perform other functions.

 the Grasping hand is capable to manufacture weapons and to develop the technology.

 the Increase in the relative size of the brain.

 Development of speech and language.

 Development of social relations and culture.

 The increase in the length of childhood.

 Social division of labor.

 Deterrence of sexual and aggressive instincts.

 Artistic and spiritual expression of personality.

For the lazy parents that’s the good news: it is necessary to teach a child to walk upright, develop grasping hand (and deploy palms inward, to have enough and rowed for themselves), and the size of the brain and without our help will increase. With the above points all parents cope very successfully. To work only on the development of speech and spiritual expression, this progress is very modest, and with deterrence of sexual instincts – a complete failure of home education.

And yet, in any sign, but especially of such a great scientist, certainly have the right information. What starts human properties? Of course, with the material substrate of the brain. Inherent Human characteristics are set by the cerebral cortex. Briefly, the increase in the relative size of the cortex increased the detail of the signals perceived by the senses, and the creation of fundamentally new possibilities of combining them (the establishment of associations). The analogy in the technique can be seen in the increase of complexity of the computer by increasing the amount of RAM and CPU speed. This can result in the complication of the software, and therefore the expansion abilities of the computer.

How ordered the Man his new neurons?

First, there’s speech – a new way of encoding information is digital.

Secondly, digital encoding is allowed to pass to the descendants of life experience – the new generation begins to develop with the level attained by the society, as the skills (proven technology) and on the structuring of the environment (housing, food, tools, resources developed, etc.). In animals, except for some unimportant moments, no share the experience in a number of generations.

Thirdly, the need of perception of the achieved level of development has led to increase in the period of growing up. Period and therefore big that it has to go in Overdrive mode all the historical levels of Human development to date. If mammals reached the emotional level of psychoanalyze, is the level of the analytical mind (thinking way of distinction) and level of wisdom (reasoning by similarity).

And, fourthly, the final touch: the restriction on the level of development, type of nanostructure, its complexity and the program of its development are defined in the first years after birth, i.e. the structure of the brain is not created before the birth, so to speak, are not genetically predetermined. And is created under the necessity, in the image and likeness of the one who is near.

Now, taking into account peculiarities of a Person, look at the responsibility of parents. In addition to the specified duties of life support every mammal creates cub individual adults in his image and likeness: Dolphin grows dolphins and not someone else, etc. So people: Person Person grows. This implies a duty (not a right) parents ask human development program: developed to teach in society verbal ways to communicate (write, read, listen, think in different languages), train of life in the social environment (the use of technology and technological learning), to demonstrate human adaptation algorithms (intelligence and wisdom) and to create the possibility of realization of personal individuality.

And another duty, which, for some reason, you forget: the duty to produce a healthy child. It would seem an obvious point, but look at how it is implemented. What kind of development can say, if there is no health? You can safely write down the formula: health = development potential.

For clarity, we will create a table of marked key moments.

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