Numerology and Your child

Fulfilled your hopes and aspirations You hold in your hands the coveted bag, with a little miracle inside. And now think: “what is it, my child? How to grow my little son or little girl-daughter?” Interesting. Then the article “Numerology and Your child” is for You.

The exact date of birth of your child – digit day, month and year add up to form one figure. For example, a child born on 25 March 2009. Let’s do some simple math calculation: 2+5+3+2+0+0+9=21, 2+1=3. The number 3 is the number of fate of the child. Calculated? And now we learn from the resulting figure the child’s character.

Numerology and Your child: figure 1

The child who is born under this number, it will show your character from birth. He is very active and energetic. It is characterized by the desire to be first, the desire to lead, self-sufficiency. Will not sit in the same place, because it seeks to explore the world around. He is attracted to anything new (like always). Committed to order. Loves to play with older. And already from an early age feels his personality, very independent and self-reliant. Although this does not mean that such a child is not in need of love and affection. On the contrary, give him lots of attention. Encourage her independence and direct his activity in the desired direction (for example, good sports section). Develop his leadership skills, but teach him that he must take into account not only myself but also other people. Sometimes, on the contrary, such a child is shy, timid, not confident. In this case, kindly keep it all.

Numerology and Your child: numpad 2

A child born under the number two, quiet, sensitive, shy. Lives with emotions and feelings. Quiet, helpful and very sociable. He is able to find a common language almost with everybody. Will be always surrounded by many friends. But his desire to please and care for others is not a sign of weakness. He has a strong character, so do not be deceived. Tends to stability and order. May hide their true feelings and thoughts, afraid to offend anyone that may lead to the fact that he will grow up to be indecisive. Therefore, it is important from early childhood to develop his abilities, to instill in him the confidence, determination and independence. Such a child needs care and attention. And great if it is done by both parents.

Numerology and Your child: figure 3

A child born under this figure, charming, curious and opinionated. Requires attention to listened to him and looked at him. Talkative. In a small child is fretful and restless. Active, makes friends easily. An optimist, he has a very great potential to study and to work, all he will be given easily. But he quickly replaced the mood. Not able to pursue the case. Parents also need their children to instil discipline and perseverance. Such a child is very sensitive, so if you’re going to scold him, very carefully select your words. In the case of grievances may withdraw and move away from those who insult his person.

Numerology and Your child: figure 4

The child who is born under the number four, calm, flexible, very organized. And likes order in everything. If it all laid out “on the shelves”, don’t even try to touch his things. Strives to be at the center of events, but also wouldn’t mind being one. Chooses in life are not always the easy way out, but he is always honest, fair and reliable, capable of betrayal. Parents may seem that the child does not really need them, because of his independence and self-sufficiency, but this is not so. He really needs parental love and a stable, strong family. Help him to gain confidence in themselves and their abilities. Praise him, encourage, he needs your support.

Numerology and Your child: numpad 5

A child born under the number five, cheerful, charming, active and mobile. Home “hurricane”, all the blows on his way. Kind, likes to be the center of attention. Capable of creative and extraordinary deeds. Easily adapts to any circumstances, does not pay attention to small problems. He’s constantly having new ideas and new activities that are quickly bored him. And toys quickly bored. The parents of the child need to instill in him discipline and responsibility. It is very important parental attention, it emphasizes its importance and develop their self-confidence.

Numerology and Your child: numpad 6

A child born under this figure, calm, kind, obedient and observant. If it is not to force, give any toy, even your favorite. He always needs someone to care, for example, the brother or sister, he likes to help others. He has many friends, because he needs to communicate. Such a child from early childhood, his ideas of good and evil, justice and duty. He was slow and deliberate in thoughts and actions. Parents need to encourage activity and independence. Do not criticize him, he may withdraw into themselves. The most important thing for him now is your love.

Numerology and Your child: the number 7

A child born under the number seven, creative, kind, thoughtful, and observant. Likes privacy. Charming and independent. Can jump from one activity to another. Usually likes to read and learn. Not very easy to mix with other children, first “looks” to them. No need to demand from him an immediate answer to your question “in a forehead”, you need to wait, the child himself will tell all. Can be reserved and secretive, so he needs to learn how to communicate with different people, and to Express their opinions and their feelings. Optimist, never refuse to help another person. Not like when in the house a lot of people (guests). Picky in terms of food. Needs parental love, approval and recognition. We need to develop his creative abilities.

Numerology and Your child: figure 8

A child born under this number, kind and sensitive, honest and sincere, but that does not mean that he is weak-willed. On the contrary, will “show” until you show him who’s boss. The child gets along well with others. He will always be a lot of interest and activities. Likes good clothes and bright. In addition, the child jealous. This can be particularly evident when a family has more children. In this case, you just show him that parental love will be enough for everyone. Can be very loving and also hard not to love someone. It is important to show him the sensitivity and tenderness, he may lack confidence. Keep him praise, and his determination and dedication to point in the right direction.

Numerology and Your child: numpad 9

Child born under the number nine, charming, active, energetic, cheerful. He needs to go everywhere and see everything. Easily find a common language with children, strive to win and to lead, although sometimes such a child may be timid and indecisive. Always will to help others. In early childhood, in the nature of such a child will fight two-face: his kindness, tolerance, love for others and selfishness, rigidity, aloofness. This can lead to unpleasant consequences, but with age he will understand what is good and what is bad. There is a need for constant approval. Teach him that he should not be afraid of life and to be like someone. Needs love and understanding, especially important role of the father in his upbringing. It is necessary to develop his talent and never push.

So I finished a brief description of the features and character of Your kids. I hope that my tips will help You to understand and accept your child as he is. I described what is given to our children from birth, and this is how Your child will grow and who they will become, to a great extent depends on You, his parents.


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