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It has long been known that human health depends on the weather. And although “nature has no bad weather”, most kids are sensitive to its changes. Recently the doctors have been studying how our body reacts to weather changes, because these reactions complicate the course of many diseases in children (as in adults). So, a new trend in Pediatrics — children’s etiopathology, or keratopathy. Now, assigning the treatment, experts are able to consider the sensitivity of the baby to weather changes.

And behind a window the rain, then snow

Reaction to change of weather experts call the reconstruction of the biological systems of the human organism in response to changes in atmospheric conditions: pressure, temperature, humidity. This restructuring may be accompanied by behavioral disorders, well-being, the reduction mechanisms of adaptation (adaptation). Normally, the body of a healthy baby should adapt to changes in the surrounding world, quickly and easily, without special inconvenience. With the exception of infants: they have no ready-made protection from the external environment, but only an innate ability to gradually adapt to natural light, high and low temperatures, humidity. At the same time, the skills of “taming” effects of electromagnetic and infrasonic vibrations, changes in atmospheric pressure the baby acquires gradually, as they grow up and hardening of the body (although familiarity with these phenomena occurs even before birth, i.e., in utero).

Weather-sensitive are children, whose bodies are in response to atmospheric changes gives a painful reaction: the kids quickly get tired, Moody, have difficulty falling asleep, sleep poorly, have aggravated a chronic illness. The sensitivity to change of weather is not a permanent feature of our body. It increases depending on how the baby is sick. In addition, at a certain age children react to the weather sharper. They are particularly vulnerable during critical periods of formation of immunity:

* up to 6 months;

* during the second year of life;

* 6-7 years;

* 12-15 years.

The ability of an organism to respond appropriately to changing weather weakened with fatigue, emotional stress, and because of an illness, when disturbed Central authorities regulation (primarily the autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for the constancy of the internal environment of the body of the baby, regardless of external conditions). The results of the investigation conducted by pediatricians, show that kids with chronic or protracted time diseases are very sensitive to weather changes.

Doctors distinguish 4 types of weather. Namely, they rely on them, studying the influence of weather conditions on children. I and II types is favorable to human body conditions, when the processes in the atmosphere are exactly. III, IV types of adverse conditions, they are accompanied by jumps in temperature, atmospheric pressure, speed of air movement and abnormal weather phenomena (thunderstorm, storm, geomagnetic storm). Owners of high meteosensitivity react to weather, III and IV types, that is the so-called autonomic crisis, which is accompanied by numerous complaints of poor health and worsening of current and chronic diseases. A classic example of adverse weather — the development of the cyclone over the European part of Russia on 5 February 1999, when the atmospheric pressure in Moscow has dropped to a critical point — 711 mm Hg. post. Almost everything, from small to large, felt by the external oppression, and experts noted exacerbation of chronic diseases and the rise of the epidemic of influenza. Another example: solar weather associated with the displacement of the cyclone anticyclone and growth of atmospheric pressure. On the background of these events are activated vertical air flow, which leads to increased concentrations of harmful substances, first of all allergens at the earth’s surface. This is the true reason for the increase of allergic reactions in young Muscovites in early October of this year.

And it is time to sleep, but not sleep.

To understand how weather affects the body of the baby, the doctor needs to collect a lot of data: well if the child takes the changes of climate and weather, does not change his behavior because of changes in the atmosphere, as the disease develops, if the baby is sick. After analyzing these data, the doctor determines the index of weather sensitivity and makes a decision whether the norm of reaction of an organism of the kid. In some cases, painful reactions to change .the weather may appear earlier or later than this change will come actually. In the first case it is called signaling when the body detects electromagnetic and infrasonic vibrations in the atmosphere to visible changes in the weather. And in the second sequence, it means that the development of response it requires some time.

There are two types of meteopathic reactions in children:

* The first type. The effects of weather leads to the fact that the kid gets sick or has aggravated a chronic illness.

* The second type. In response to changes in the weather, the baby becomes tearful, not sleeping, tires easily, complains of headaches. In the first case one can speak about a severe form of meteoriitti, and the second is hidden.

The idea of how the body kids react to weather changes, helps physicians to anticipate potential exacerbation of disease. Based on the weather forecast and the reactions of the child, you can schedule a treatment or to prevent painful aggravation. For example, we know that the majority of babies, especially if they are bottle-fed, react to sudden changes in the weather by the appearance of colic and bloating. Therefore, shortly before the change in the weather pediatrician may prescribe a medication that will prevent discomfort. Children with chronic illnesses, such as bronchial asthma, in the days of inclement weather you want to assign or enhance treatment.

And only miss you a little bit.

If the deterioration in the health of the baby is not related to any external causes (viral infections, diet) — this means that it can be caused by a change in the weather. To protect him from the adverse effect of the weather will help parents care, or rather, their attention to his condition. Warm clothes, heaters will protect the baby from cold and moisture, Panama and goggles from sunlight, reasonable hardening from changes in atmospheric pressure, electromagnetic and infrasonic vibrations. Regular walks, clothing, air and water treatments (preferably contrasting) train the body, allowing it easier to adapt to the weather conditions III and IV types. To strengthen his defensive forces scientists propose to use a special borozdanovke with adjustable pressure level. In addition, the kids will be beneficial vitamin-mineral complexes that contain the minimum nutrients (up to 2 years children receive them with the baby food).

Sensitive to change of weather children doctors choose one of three types of betapropiolactone depending on the duration of its holding: single, current and seasonal. Such treatment should be chosen individually, taking into account peculiarities of the organism of each child. In addition to the necessary medicines, children shall massage, therapeutic exercise, physiotherapy, reflexology, homeopathic remedies.

Konstantin Grigoriev, a pediatrician.

The magazine “Happy parents”

Article from the December issue of the magazine.

Moms with experience and young moms share your experience, how do your kids feel during these days, as the weather changes and atmospheric pressure affect mood, appetite, children up to what age and how to cope.


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