Kids and video games

Who does not know this picture: mom, tired lying on the sofa in a favorite book in hand, and the child at the time literally is totally engrossed in watching TV. It would seem, what idyll: everybody will be happy. But at this point I will ask You to stop. Actually there is nothing good in this situation there can not be. For several reasons. First, while watching TV, the child is detrimental to their health. Secondly – your psyche. “Well not so serious the harms of TV, and benefit from it too”, You may say. But I will disagree with You, and I will give you some results of studies that clearly show how strong is the influence of television and computer on the health and psyche of the child.

The influence of television and computer on child health.

The first and most obvious result of constantly sitting in front of TV screens and computer monitors is vision problems. So, today started in the country from an epidemic of child myopia, which according struck more than 50% of urban adolescents aged 15 – 16.

But this is only the most obvious effect of television on child health. In fact, health problems occur is much more. So, the British scientist Eric Sigman, analyzing and summarizing 35 different studies conducted in the UK and USA, have identified the following negative effects of watching TV for children, published them in the journal Biologist:

1. Obesity. The child, staring at the TV, not walking, not playing, and lies on the couch and eats mechanically, what would be in his hand. All this leads to disruption of metabolism, fat storage, and, eventually, to diabetes with all its consequences.

2. The weakening of the immune system.

3. Exacerbation of cardiovascular disease.

4. The loss of the ability to concentrate, memory problems, leading to increased development of Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Suppressing the production of melatonin, which is a key hormone and a powerful antioxidant which plays an important role in the immune system cycle “sleep-Wake” and puberty

6. Negative impact on sleep.

7. Autism.

In addition, the TV easily replaces reading, and as a result, the development of the brain does not go properly, and the child’s abilities are not so smart, what could be. And so on.

The influence of television and computer on the psyche of the child.

Many experts agree that as a result of constant watching TV and sitting at the computer is a real exclusion to real life. The child begins to communicate less with their peers and wean to think of himself as a visual channel of information is the simplest and does not require significant mental effort for its perception. In turn, this leads to insensitivity to the emotions of others and care of the child in the virtual world. A child is a substitute for real life virtual, a so-called “computer addiction” when he can’t get enough of it when the time spent without a computer, seems lost in vain. However, it is worth noting that research shows that not all children a computer and the Internet are ways of avoiding real communication. For many, on the contrary, it is an opportunity to socialize with friends. “Computer addiction” appears, as a rule, in children, an insecure, struggling in real life, unable to establish normal communication with other people. These children go to a fantasy world (and the computer is just one of many possible variants of such flight).

A little about computer use and TV.

But, be that as it may, the television and computer has its positive properties. So, as a result of a number of studies obtained the following arguments, talking about computer use:

2. the extension of learning opportunities (including in the various games, for example, strategic): created by a mass of special educational programs for preschool children, schoolchildren and students. In addition, many of the skills – for example, counting, reading and reading maps, using a computer children acquire faster, and often better than conventional training.

3. erasing the differences between the centre and the province: with the help of computer technology, primarily the Internet, modern educational technology, access to information become available to any user, regardless of where he lives. But it’s all on one side.

Thus, whether we like it or not. But the television and the computer have become part of our life. The television has a great influence on the formation of an integrated personality and Outlook of a person, helps to navigate in the information space and to understand the world around us. Therefore, to fully protect the child from the television and computer is still not worth it. Just need to limit the time he spends around them to one to two hours a day for a small child and up to four hours a day for a teenager.

How to keep the baby from watching TV?

If the children are older you can still negotiate, a two-year old toddler to keep away from the TV is very difficult. Then You can help the following tips.

The first thing You should do is to set a realistic goal, for example, a day is allowed to look at two or three cartoons.

Next, you should estimate how much time Your child spends in front of the TV at present and to plan family hits.

Try not to set a television in the center of the room, i.e. in the mind, as in this case, the desire to watch TV occurs in children more often.

Don’t forget to turn off the TV when You are not watching.

Introduce a ban on the TV gradually. For example, for a start forbid to watch TV while eating.

Try to distract the child with interesting activities: drawing, reading books, various games. Take out old toys, take up the study of the alphabet and numbers. Invite a child to assist You around the house: children love to help mom in washing dishes and cleaning the bathroom.

Sing with your child as often as possible. Singing develops his language skills and hearing. In addition, it teaches your child to notice the difference between speech sounds, which is very useful to him when the time comes to learn to read.

Thus, ways to distract the child away from the TV, a great many, and You need only strength and patience. But later Your child will be able without any difficulty to find something to their liking, if there’s no TV. And nowadays boasts not every.


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