If you have a son Prosesnya

Presents a list of rules for moms who have sons, is not unequivocal and final, you can agree or disagree. But it was written to inspire moms who love their kids who are tired, who are proud of who just want to support their children in life. Mom — the woman in the life of his son, his first teacher, his assistant and adviser throughout life.

Further tips for moms of sons:

1. To teach him how to verbalize their emotions. He can scream with frustration or shame, he could cry with fear and excitement. Let all these symptoms emotions will remain, but it is important to speak with his son about what other people feel too similar and need to be able to talk, telling about their problems.

2. To be the main cheerleader. Shouting the loudest in the stands of the stadium where he plays. Sing songs nailed them with friends group. Show everyone the photos from his childhood or prom. To paint in his blog, he first sat down on the potty or received a long-awaited five geography in ninth grade. There is no doubt that the son of any age will blush from such manifestations of maternal love, he will be embarrassed and ask my mother to stop and never to do. But he will know that in this world there is a person, even one who is always and no matter what was hurting him, it hurts and will always hurt.

3. To teach him to care for themselves . Load washing machine, dishwasher, iron shirt and pants. He may not, he may even never going to do it, but to be able to do it needs. And his future wife will thank you.

4. Read him, read him, to read . “Children become readers on the laps of their parents”. Let the son see as you read, whatever it is — books, Newspapers, magazines, tell him about how reading is important, as writers imprint in their creations and share with the readers memories and your thoughts.

5. Encourage your son to dance . Dance, rhythm, music — this is the basis of any culture. Let the son dances wherever possible, even if he is not so good. Just keep it in, allowing you to feel that dance is great, and with time he will be able to improve your skills.

6. Tell him about people who have proven that the mind is much more important value than Brawn. The boys live in a world of superheroes, so you need to remind him about such examples of success, as Mikhail Lomonosov, albert Einstein, mark TWAIN, Wright brothers, etc., etc.

7. Show the son of the examples of smart women who are beautiful regardless of their appearance . The pop Princess will surround the boy since birth, but have not let him forget about women who are beautiful because smart. This is Madame Curie, Sofia Kovalevskaya, Barbara Mcclinton and others.

8. Set an example for him of beautiful, honest, strong and smart women. And if you suddenly have doubts about yourself, you need to remember that you: a) raised inside of the child; b) give birth to him, in) were newborn, g) learned pain go away one kiss, g) has taught a child to read or eat, etc) know how to clean diarrhea without nausea, (e) love a child so that they are ready to give their life for him,) will find the strength when the child suffers. You are a superhero. Seriously.

9. To teach him good manners. It is important for him and for the world.

10. To give him something that he can believe. And even if you are not around, and that something is wrong, he will be able to take this thing and feel that there will never be alone. Never.

11. To show him that in some moments need to be gentle and careful. With children, flowers, animals, other people’s feelings.

12. To allow him to spoil and to spoil the clothes. Let it come to blows, but won’t lose the battle just because of the fact that will fear the wrath of mom for lost clothing. No need to waste energy. The boys got to climb trees, jump, fall. Let the clothes will be a price to pay for growing up.

13. Learn to play football. Or use a hockey stick. Or to rap. Learn the names of the trains or to learn the elven language. To understand the difference between Gryffindor and Slytherin, to love his favourite song. To be in his life, not a bystander, but an active participant.

14. Walk with the son. To turn off the TV, computer, hold the phone and just walk the street with him, watching as he looks at the world. It’s magic.

15. Let him lose. Everything can’t always be winners. No need to say that he still won, because I was trying though, because he still feels so. You need to make it clear to the son that the loss is also normal, it happens to everyone, sometimes someone gains and someone loses.

16. To give him the opportunity to help others. You can’t force someone to help someone, but you can be an example for my son, to kindle in his heart the fire of good and gradually it will flare up in flames.

17. Remind him that to achieve perfection in all spheres of life can only work and constant practice. The more you write, the better you write. The more you listen, the more you begin to understand in music. The more you exercise, the better it gets. Practice, practice, practice.

18. To answer his son on his “why?” or to look for answers together. This will allow him in future to find answers for myself and to be able to answer the questions.

19. To teach your son to always carry band-AIDS and wipes. Especially the napkins.

20. Ask dad to teach my son different “male things” and allow them together to go fishing, campfires, digging around in the car, etc.

21. Give him a toy that allows you to release energy. Drums, bike, ball, punching bag, whatever. The main thing is that the son loved it.

22. To build for the son of the Fort . It turns everyday life into magic. Sometimes it helps to throw on the floor in the living room a few pillows, and clothespins to attach a couple of blankets so she turned into a magical cave.

23. To take his son with him to new places .

24. To kiss him. To kiss, when her son 2 months when 16-year old son and when the son of 32. To kiss when the boy is in a good mood and when he is angry and unruly. Kiss and see what happens.

25. Become for his son permanent refuge, a place where you can always go back. When he will do something new, he will seek your proud smile. He will look for your face in the stands and in the auditorium. When he grows up he gets sick, he will still call you. When he becomes ill, he will come to you. Even when he’s got his own family and your home — you will be his most enduring and permanent refuge. The mother should be for her son something as permanent as the sun in the sky. With this knowledge in his soul everything will always fall into place.


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