How to teach your child to read quickly?


Let me introduce you to today’s article.

Lately this topic is weighing on me pretty heavily. In the classroom on the development of memory I face this problem with every new student. And not so important in the eleventh grade is he in or is it still just in the first.

I like to form habits than ready to alter the personality.

Agree, the latter is much harder to do!

I want to suggest you to read the letter one mom. I don’t know her name and where she’s from. Found this text on the net. If you know the author, let me know about this. I will definitely sign it!

I went this morning at a PTA meeting.

Magoo-guselli, Bob, darling it. But Egor — the only one I have no complaints in Russian and reading. Whole class in unison at me turns. I’m blushing, coquettish covered belly and reaching under the Desk. Some primitive desire to justify himself — say, Oh, well, like I started to freak, loves to read, all people, as human beings, and my here.

After the meeting parents quickly take me in a vise, clamped in a corner and cry, verbatim:


And here I understand it is dead. Because here is a bunch of women and under 40 and almost with clipboards in hand waiting for me, youngsters, detailed master class on the theme of “How I got my son to love books” . in advance prepare to be horrified draconian methods.

For normal, they tried everything and nothing happened. And I’m starting them earnestly trying to explain that the person cannot be forced to love! No matter what. And they — do not understand.

Because my son loves to read! So, I managed to get! The dialogue was magical:

— Well, when you all read it constantly. And I, and her husband, and grandmother. He sees it and reads it himself. A house full of books.

— we also Have a full house, my dad is still the library collected books were scarce. Three rack books, even the pages are not stuck — take, read. And we keep buying — and magazines, and detectives. And he sits in front of the TV!

— But we have no TV.


— Very. We’re not looking. We read.

Looked primitive people on the shaman, just a wave of the hand stopped a cave bear. Here it is, maternal feat! To abandon the television in the name, so that the child read! To go to such a terrible hardship.

— what do you want to go tonight?

— we Talk, for example.

— what? We discussed here that have seen her on TV!

— we — who that day happened. Read books.

Even with its menagerie Potter, I embroider.


— No, why — include music, on the computer.

— And news?

— Internet, radio. Yes and I’m not particularly interested in news. The most important thing on the radio will say, but details of personal lives of stars uninteresting to me.

Do not look up how on gods — as a dangerous lunatic.

— And like a child without cartoons?

— From a disk on your computer.

— what he’s reading?

— Kassil.

— What?!

— (almost plaintively) Kassil. Lion.

(well, not right. Well, think of it, I didn’t hear a thing. )



— Well, there, Leo Kasel and a Room someplace.

AAAAAAAAAAAAA, your mother. Of 8 people, no one knew who Leo Kassil. NO. I could only pitifully problemati something like: Yes, only the time of the October Revolution.

(Fan-FIC — Harry Potter And the Great October Revolution. Voldemort on the armored car captures the Telegraph. Dumbledore wrapped cartridge belts. Snape with a mustache on a spirited Hippogryph. Hermione with a machine gun and a red scarf. Hagrid in a leather jacket and with a true Mauser melted from the Tsar Cannon. Bandit chieftain Lucius Malfoy-Tauride hat and the vest. Ahhh, shoot me. ).

— And yet — AS YOU FORCED his SON to LOVE to READ?!

— Well. Here YOU like to read?


That was the end. They — home to the TV, like normal people. I — home to my son, husband and animals. In the stone age, where there is no TV and there are books. With pasted pages and not as prestigious scarce things.

I understand now what’s going on inside! And in order not to delay the positive effect, immediately offer specific instruction. What you can do, as parents, make your child love to read?

The very first and important — that is to lead by example!

I already wrote that it is best to start with yourself. Your child will copy YOUR behavior. For him the world is how YOU see it. To adolescence he sees it through the prism of your attitudes, habits and principles.Read in front of the child. But not behind a computer screen or iPad. Read a real book. At least 15 minutes a day, but that it was in his eyes.

To tell a child about something and say that you learned this from the book!

Genuinely be surprised and enjoy the new knowledge. Spread this positive from your child read

To read bedtime stories.

You help the child in the formation of his abstract and creative thinking, unobtrusive show what is good and what is bad, teach the child to Express their opinion (and in General to have it!). Tales before bedtime is more useful TV with endless (perverted now. ) cartoons.Want your toddler has grown into a successful, started their own business and grow up happy? Read him! Don’t be lazy!

To discuss over dinner the news of the day.

I think the above letter, this idea is traced.This is a great way to teach your child to Express their thoughts. And in this difficult yet really very important to have adequate vocabulary. You can convey to your child, thereby stimulating the expansion of its base

To answer children’s questions that seems to never end

Incredibly important not to discourage this natural need of the child — as need to know! I am a mom myself and I know how much y kids questions that we as parents sometimes don’t know the answer.

Not deter the child from ignorance, laziness or fatigue! Ask him to reflect. Maybe he will tell you the logical chain of associations that he is now ready to accept!

Children do not always need complete answer. Usually it is enough for them that you heard them and tried to find any answer! Use the Internet. Show pictures, use Wikipedia and other dictionaries.

Those who read the books will always control who watches TV!


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