How to teach your child the alphabet

Modern parents sometimes go to extremes in matters of development and learning. Some do with a toddler literally from the cradle, others believe that it should leave the child alone and not to deprive him of a happy and carefree childhood. But if you start thinking not only about how to teach your child the alphabet, but also about whether to do it, the answer is definitely: need. Because the letters are all around us. And if you will gently introduce them to your son or daughter from an early age, the child will know that this is such a letter is as easy as to know that it’s a dog, a cat, and it dove.

In addition, some children are interested in letters, and the parents have nothing to do, how to teach your child the alphabet in 2-3 years. Remember the main rule: unobtrusiveness.

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Why teaching your child the alphabet ↑

Of course, the toddler 4-5 years will learn all the letters much faster than two or three-year-old kid, who quickly loses interest in studies and quickly forgets. This leads parents to think about the inappropriateness of such work. But at the early learning letters will quite naturally be included in your child’s life.

Remember that the early development need not in order to praise your child on the Playground in front of other moms. There are some babies at eighteen months of age know all the letters to two years begin to merge them into syllables, and the three happily forget about this merger. The two-year-old is simply no need for reading. Earlier acquaintance with the alphabet does not of the children of geniuses, and only contributes to the development of their natural abilities, being at the same time rewarding and fun way together children with their parents.

How to teach the alphabet child 1-3 years ↑

There are parents who in the development of children rukovodstvo the motto “learning is never too early”. They hung the letters drawn on A4 paper in the kid’s room to a year. On one sheet there should be only one letter. When the child is awake, it is brought to the letters and call them. From time to time change the location of the letters on the wall and replace some letters by others.

Interesting letters toys ↑

For a child over years old you can buy Mat-puzzle with letters, and after two years — magnetic alphabet (just need to make sure that the magnets of the letters did not drop out – the child may accidentally swallow them).

Please note that to teach the child the sounds and not the letters. That is to say N, and not EN, M, and UM not. That is why you must reject e-books, where the child clicks on the image, hear the letter and a word that begins with it, and sometimes even a song or a tongue Twister. The child is unlikely to understand why under the letter F drawn football player and under the letter S — cheese. Much easier it would be if this letter will be called just R and S.

Very tasty letters ↑

You can put the letters from the fruit or bake cookies in the form of letters. This ABC invite a child already in 1.5-2 years old. Because the toddler explores ambient to the touch and the taste. Why not to use it. An ordinary meal can be transformed into a fun activity. Better to start with the vowels, because they are easier to sing. Fold the ABCs of straw, crackers, jelly, sprigs of greenery.

Handmade letters Hand-made ↑

Make letters from clay or salt dough, cut them out of colored paper. Letters to attach the legs, and they will visit each other’s homes. You can draw a letter on a sheet of paper and ask the child to paint over it. But one lesson “to kill two birds with one stone”. Drawing on A4 paper any letter, cut out a lot of the same geometric shapes, e.g., triangles. Zakhaev inside the large letter And small triangles, the child will remember the letter and figure.

The letters of relatives and friends ↑

An original way to teach your child the alphabet is to associate letters with pictures of your family and friends. M – mom, P – daddy, D – Ded, – Vova, And Irina, etc. the Game is fun, photo collection, you can constantly replenish and Supplement the collection of drawings. For example, after going to the zoo, next to the letter T may receive the tiger, and next to the letter O – monkey. To photograph and paint can buses, cars, trees, Playground. Everything that surrounds a child can find in your home ABC.

How to teach ABC child older than 4 years ↑

Sandbox at home ↑

In children of this age fine motor skills are already better developed, so the guys can offer to put the letters from branches, designer, stones and cereals. In a big bowl pour a variety of cereals, on a sheet of cardboard, draw the letter and RUB it with glue. Let the kid it is drizzling minor cereals – buckwheat, rice, corn. So will develop fine motor skills, and imagination.

Board games with letters ↑

Note the Lotto and cubes with letters: the simpler the picture of the letter, the better. After pictures can come across a stranger that will only knock the kid off. By the way, the cubes can be made with the child from colored cardboard. Repeat the sounding of the letters in the game. On sale you can find a Domino with the ABC and other games with letters.

You’ll realize that your toddler learn all the letters when he will be confident to show them everywhere and not in one alphabet. It signs on shops, travel, ads on TV. Then you can start teaching your child to merge letters into syllables. But that’s a topic for another discussion.

Author methods for teaching children letters ↑

There are many techniques to help parents. Choose the one that is closer to you and the child. Consider the most popular ones.

The method of Elena Bakhtina based on associations. The main learning tool is the book “ABC for kids from two to five”. On every page – one letter and explanations for parents of small print. In addition, there are pages with the same letters that need to be cut and pasted on thick cardboard. It turns out that the letters can be played. They become friends. From letters G beak and red legs, the letters W – soft fluffy rabbit ears, D is made in the form of the house, and the letter I all of the candy (what kid doesn’t love candy?).

The method of Nikolai Zaitsev means training not the letter, and immediately the warehouses, although the letters are here, too. Basic set – cubes (cubes Zaitseva), that parents should stick together on their own, filling them with metal and wooden elements strictly according to instructions and the tables with warehouses, which will occupy half of the wall. But the child will see all the warehouses in the system, and the content, size, and color of the cubes will help him to distinguish between voiced and voiceless, soft and hard warehouses.

Teaching the child the alphabet and teaching him to read, parents will only have to maintain the interest of Chad to reading, acquiring an exciting children’s literature. Then he will love the books no less than the cartoons. And the child, read to school a couple hundred books, is significantly ahead in the development of their non-reading peers. In the future the baby will be provided with leading positions everywhere – in school, high school, high school. Because reading is the Foundation of any training.



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