How to get rid of the harmful habit of nail biting?

The nail-biting virtually deprives people of the opportunity to lead nails in proper form. Even if you just came from the nail salon with this habit, your new design nails will not last long. And people with this habit, often, do not go to beauty salons and little caring for nails, but are constantly pulled his hands to his mouth. Onychophagia, called the nail-biting doctors, has a number of side effects.

To eliminate the habit, it is important to understand why we bite your nails? Some universal reason, of course not. If we consider the issues in General terms, the children often adopt the habit from parents or adults with whom are often in the same room. And the adults are starting to bite my nails from lack of stress. In other words – it always shows the degree of nervous excitement.

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The most difficult to deal with addictions, including with gryzenia nails in children. Generally, bad habits do arise are formed closer to five or six years. By the time children are actively engaged with the world, they listen to what they say and how their parents and bring the habit to gnaw nails with the same kindergarten, from the caregiver. Unfortunately, it is impossible to protect the child from negative copy. Anything that can make a parent, is to follow yourself, and to conduct interviews with Chad on the subject of how some people have bad habits and what not to learn from them.

Some children start biting his nails on his own initiative, not adopt neither of whom is a habit, just out of boredom or while watching cartoon or program when a child focuses on what he sees and almost subconsciously, not locking this fact, pulled his hands to his mouth. In this case, parents should gently take the child’s hand from his face and explain to him that you can’t do that. Give him the arguments that it is not beautiful, not culturally, and may contribute to the fact that to get into the body of pathogenic bacteria.

If the child is not to wean from the habit immediately, then over time, it will make it more difficult. The child will get older you will understand why it wont prevent him from living, but as a rule, teenagers may not have the zeal to get rid of bad habits, they just start to control yourself and not biting his nails in the team, but it does not always work. In addition, the presence of harmful habits becomes obvious if you look at the hands of a teenager, even if he’s not biting his nails in front of you.

The habit stuck in the mind, the teenager begins to gnaw nails in moments of stress or feeling insecure. This identification of state action often is not quite consciously, the man pulled his hands to his mouth without thinking about how to consider this surrounding his gesture. And they in turn will understand that people may not feel comfortable, excited and feels nervous excitement on some occasion.

A bad habit is beginning to bear discomfort, when a person stops get to control it. From some you can hear: “I bite your nails to the blood”, in this case, the habit becomes really dangerous for health, because when prokusyvanie skin significantly increases the risk to put on the wound infection.

Why is this a bad habit?

Those who want to get rid of nail biting, but not really lack motivation. You like and want to quit, but really can not articulate why. That’s the problem with addictions, including and such as alcohol and drug addiction. So why is it still worth the effort:

gryzenia nails absolutely unhygienic business. The human body is constantly dealing with a large number of bacteria and successfully opposes them and why do you think? Because they do not penetrate inside the body and remain on the skin. Now imagine that you willingly give way to the throat and beyond to all those germs that have accumulated during the day on your nails. You increase your chances of getting sick.

gryzenia fingernails brings about harm to the teeth. Depending on what quality you have teeth from birth, symptoms may occur earlier or later. Most people with this habit are suffering from gum disease.

gryzenia nails makes your hands ugly and unkempt, which adversely affects communication with others.

How to get rid of the habit of nail biting?

Habits and so dangerous that they are difficult to control, because the brain is already used to execute a specific command when the external stimulus of a certain kind and not always this chain passes through our consciousness.

Of course, the easiest way – is to remove the irritant, it is stressful, but, unfortunately, not yet invented a world in which there would be stress. Psychologists advised as a minimum to work with me to stop at all to overreact. Make an appointment with a psychologist, to find something to their liking. Proven: when psychological discomfort eroding, the nail-biting disappears by itself.

If this option is not for you, try a more radical ways, such as bitter nail Polish. The fact remains, it is effective. Every time you get on the machine decided to chew nails, immediately will feel the bitter taste, remember that you have nail varnish and you should not pull the hands to the mouth.

As for the girls who want to get rid of bad habits, we will approach the next psychological trick: make yourself a manicure in the salon, with it not cheap to like. To ruin such a work of art will be disappointing and trite, so you can train yourself to control yourself.

Carry a nail file and scissors, because very often hands reach to his mouth in a situation where the nail is formed cuticle. In order to fix it, you need to take advantage of the mouth, and scissors.

For men, which is not an option with varnish, fit the patch. Yes, let it not very aesthetically pleasing, but no worse than bitten nails. Therefore, if you have seriously decided to get rid of the problem, try this method. You can start with one nail for you all to chew on and gradually increase the number of patches.

Another, more psychological, method – occupy your hands and mouth something that would not give you the opportunity to nail biting. For this purpose, you can always bring in a bag a few apples or rye crackers. As for the hands – that is excellent for this purpose, knitting, embroidery and other useful hobby.

And in the winter as often as possible, wear gloves to remove them in the cold, to get to the nails, the prospect is not very pleasant, even when you’re under stress, and the habit would you calm. Most importantly, tune in to rid of bad habits and don’t stop until you reach your goal.

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