Education samostijnist doshkolenok in obrazovanje diyalnosti

Robot title of the album to the problems of education samostijnist doshkolenok in obrazovanje diyalnosti (material aplic). Probalby floofs, psychological and pedagogic look at the development of samostijnist. Viznacheno cutsthe samostijnist in obrazovanje diyalnosti, viaplana componenti, criter, indicators, viznacheno runew characteristics samostijnist senior doshkolenok, Rosalina organzatsii-pedagogic education foundations dano quality. Organzatsii-pedagogiczne ambushes effective education samostijnist senior doshkolenok º: 1) the formation of knowledge – subject Fig-rozsivalova protection, that peredacha, namely group Zoni for samoshina skill diyalnosti, zabezpechennya dozing the transoms materials I nstruments (beer obsas, dostupnih soap ground), nadannya opportunities are for the independent elective; 2) organization grovo formed obrazovanja diyalnosti scho spree Vinichenko nteres to diyalnosti, viznachennya METI, planovany, Volodina ways obrazovanja diyalnosti that kontrolno functions; 3) osobiste Oran vzayemodiya teacher s dainow, which was founded on partnerska still Usain (rozumny, wismann clay, assigned tasks camo baby, statnet why should I th position together with her Domotica potrebno result), ndial-diferentiovanny pdht to children, scho vkluchu learning skin W vicoveanca for ndial programa fallow from Vidnoje Runa samostijnist.

Rosalina th experimental aprobado model education samostijnist in obrazovanje diyalnosti (material aplic). Wprowadzono ndial programs for mariguana runavik components samostijnist doshkolenok on of growih of vpriv.

Key words: independence, obrazovanja umbilical, Aplia, doshkolenok, grow to the right, the sub’CT diyalnosti, correccin programs, own obrazovanja umbilical.

Udine E. N. Nurturing self preschoolers in artistic activity (in the application). ” Manuscript.

The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of candidate of pedagogical Sciences 13.00.08 – preschool pedagogy. – Institute of problems of education of APS of Ukraine, Kyiv, 2008.

In the thesis we study the problem of upbringing of autonomy in artistic activity. Examines the formation and development of self-reliance during preschool age, specifics of the impact of different activities on the development of children’s independence, formulate the denition of independence of senior preschool children in artistic activities.

In the thesis the components, criteria, indicators, levels of characteristics of independence. In the work grounded and experimentally tested a model of effective education independence high school in artistic activity, developed organizational and pedagogical foundations of her education. Tested the contents and methods of education of independence among older preschoolers in artistic activity, the processed results of ascertaining and control stages of the experiment.

The most significant organizational and pedagogical foundations of effective education autonomy preschoolers in artistic activity are: 1) the creation and enrichment of subjectdevelopmental environment, providing equipment in the group area for independent artistic activities, ensuring appropriate selection of materials and tools (in full, in a child-friendly places), providing the possibility of self-selection; 2) the organization and implementation of gaming form of visual activity, contributing to the emergence of interest in activities, goal setting, planning, mastering the ways of graphic activity, control functions; 3) student-centered teacher interaction with children based on partnership style relationship (understanding, recognition of goals, objectives of the child, the ability to stand in his position and with him to achieve the desired result, as well as individually differentiated approach to children, including the learning of each students individual correctional program depending on the initial level of independence. Developed organizational-pedagogical bases of education of independence was the basis for the development of a formative experiment.

At the forming stage of the experiment was the model of education of independence, which included four stages: design, involving the development of an individual corrective programs with play activities for children with different initial levels of independence, and projecting the organizational and pedagogical foundations for the effective education of independence among preschoolers; correction, including the introduction of individual remedial programmes application; procedural activity that involves use of the system’s exercises, effective, promoting awareness of oneself as the subject of the application, participation in an independent artistic activities on their own.

As a result of the forming experiment occurred significant changes in all components of independence among older preschoolers. Most of the older children moved to high and optimal levels of independence in artistic activity. The number of children with low levels of autonomy in the experimental group decreased from 51% to 3%. The number of children, corresponding to an average drop of autonomy, decreased from 34 % to 10 %. Increased the number of children with sufficient levels of autonomy. Increased number of children with a sufficient level from 12% to 54 %. Increased the number of children with high levels of from 3% to 33 %.

Keywords: autonomy, preschooler, art, applique, playing exercises, the subject of activity, correction programs, independent artistic activity.

Ydina O. M. Up-bringing of pre-schoolers independence in graphical activity (on material of applique). ” Manuscript.

Dissertation for gaining the scientific degree of Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences in speciality 13. 00. 08. – preschool pedagogic. – The Institute of problems of education of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, 2008.

The dissertation is devoted to the problems of up-bringing independence of pre-schoolers in graphical activity (on material of applique). The philosophical and psychologico-pedagogical views on develop of independence have been analyzed. The concept of independence in graphical activity has been defined and the levels of independence of senior pre-schoolers have been defined and the organization and pedagogical bases for up-bringing independence in graphical activity has been worked out. The model of up-bringing independence in graphical activity (on material of applique) has been worked out and experimentally tested. The individual programs for correction level components of independence of pre-schoolers on base of playing exercises have been embedded.



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