Developmental centers and Shchukino

I think that this info can be useful to someone, because now many are looking for lessons for their children

Some of them we visited, and in some places even had a chance to work, in most I’ve been at least “on intelligence”, or at least heard reviews of friends, so that infa “first hand” :).

Montessori, short-term stay groups, music, creativity, cubes Zaitseva and much more

This is our favorite place. Senior went there for Montessori year before kindergarten with one and a half years, then I worked there, and he visited potic all circles, is now the youngest goes. There is very nice

Developmental activities, the creativity, is the zoo – animals a lot, the kids loved it. The prices are very reasonable.

Great classes in clay modeling, you can sculpt and toddlers with moms. “Harmonious” baby – developmental classes for children 1 to 3 years, group adaptation to kindergarten and other classes.

Classes a great many in all directions for children from one and a half years. Sasha visited with great pleasure the work of “Lesnaya Skazka” and “Be healthy!” (games physical education for children with years old!)

Directions: metro station “Shchukinskaya”, ed. 60 to stop “ul. Maximov”, ed. 100 to stop 196-91-65 (Director), 196-19-89 (background).

We visited with 2 years Studio Darling (classes on technique close to Waldorf). Tried the English choir, but it did not. In the famous “Baby show” I went 🙂 -. Still there for small is “Music with mummy”, for older elementary school and so many creative teams.

A large center for children of all ages, not just preschoolers. However the CRS for kids 3 years there a little bit still there.

The main direction of sports, especially martial arts, they are just super-specialists, but other classes (vocals, creativity, chess, preparing for school, and more) is very good. I worked there for a year.

So many activities, there’s also the store creative accessories.


Nice place. Adhere to Waldorf methods, but not only.

Developmental activities for preschoolers, art Studio, dance, English, creative workshops, school of Aesthetics. music room, Wushu, yoga, etc.

Familiar went and were happy with the practice for toddlers.



Go bandmates from the garden


Today the Theatre is one of the best in its genre children’s creative collective of Russia.

The boys are taught vocals. choreography (classical and modern), ear training, step, stage skills, the history of musical theatre, choral art, design and costume design.

Serious place for motivated children and parents – not for fun, intense schedule of classes, in the first half of the day. This is the course for deeti older, well for the future.

Though not in Shchukino, but friends go there and are happy. There are some great exercises, there is a short-stay group.

Swimming pools for kids:

“The Dolphin” in the pool October

Swimming from infant and up to 4 years with their parents, as well as for pregnant women.

Pool for kids with mom and older children independently. As well as a children’s fitness and other activities. There is CIPROFLOXACIN.

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