Children from dysfunctional families

We are talking about children from disadvantaged families, i.e. children, dysfunctional families, about what happens to the child if he is in a dysfunctional family. What is a dysfunctional family? One word to say impossible. Because everything is relative in this world – and the well-being and ill-being in relation to the child. But because children are all different: some are stronger, others are not, some are vulnerable, but responsive, and all other Trin-Trava, does not catch them. Began to be the talk about the child from a dysfunctional family – so to speak:

1). What are the dysfunctional family

2). What are children with their psychological and psychopathological problems that dwell

excessive regulation on family problems.

3). The impact of family problems on the child, prone to obostrennom response to various unfavorable factors.

4). As a sick child might disturb the peace of families, to call the parents of irritation, anger, impatience, etc., i.e. to turn in a dysfunctional family, and the latter in turn can further aggravate the mental condition of the child.

5). What needs – to be taken by the teachers to help the child, because it’s not his fault that he lives in a dysfunctional family.

Dysfunctional family for a child is not synonymous with antisocial or asocial families. There is a great variety of families about whom nothing bad to say from a formal point of view, but nevertheless for this child, this family is dysfunctional. Of course, the family of the drunkard or the bully for any child will be unfavorable, however, in most cases, the concept of blagopriyat-Noah family can only arise in relation to a specific child, for whom this is a disadvantage operates. There are different families, different meet-Xia children, so that only a system of relations “family – child” has the right to be regarded as prosperous or disadvantaged.

The family may be incomplete. Can be full, but with inconsistent parenting or upbringing overwhelming the child, or with Oranien – governmental conditions, etc. Sometimes a single parent family are more useful for children than defective. Although full (say a drunkard father, terrorizing the family, then finally he leaves the family, the family sighs with relief, it spreads world). Meet outwardly good relations in the family, but the parents, too busy with their production work, little attention is paid to the child – this can also lead to bad consequences for vulnerable souls of the little man.

Divorce also affects the child. Parents are getting a divorce and do not reflect on the plight of children over their warped childhood and ruined the spiritual life. Children will grow, and remembering. how did the parents will continue their path. Or will become cynical, or lonely, or some kind, but in any case not happy. The defects of education is first and foremost an indicator of a dysfunctional family. No material, either domestic or prestigious figures do not describe the level of family well-being or ill-being – only relationship to the child.

Distress in family in extent or another almost always leads to trouble mental disorder, forg-whom child development. Not in the sense of popwine or any other irregularities, for example, of the intellect, but in the sense of disharmony the maturation of emotional-volitional sphere, i.e., predominantly of human nature. And what is the nature, and such is man’s relationship with other people, and that is his happiness.

One of the most powerful adverse factors destroying not only the family but the emotional balance of the child is drinking parents. It can be cancerous for the baby not only at the moment of conception the fetus during pregnancy but also throughout the child’s life.

Whatever aspect of the problem of deviations from normal psycho-physical development of the child we have not touched on, almost always forced to talk about the corrupting influence of drunkenness of parents. Because of this ominous phenomenon the child learns bad examples, because of this, there is generally a lack of any education, because of this, children are orphaned and end up in children’s homes, etc.

The vast majority of negative examples that we have presented, one way or another are due to drunk adults. When RAS-I tell about the harm caused by drunks to their children, then it seems to be hard to surprise: this ugly phenomenon people like I used to. Only used in vain, in vain I accepted it. The world must struggle with alcoholism, inevitably crippling children.

Drunks not only likened himself to children and adolescents who, because of their immaturity are not able to withstand the evil traditions. Drunkenness is the cause of many neuroses and behavior problems in families of alcoholics. In the majority of cases of various mental disorders in children are caused by drunk parents, their social degradation, bullying, poor self-control. If a hard – drinking fathers children become neurotics, from a hard – drinking mothers are often born mentally defective children. But while scientists argue about who is more to blame – drunken drunken fathers or mothers, or all together, they have to deal with household drinking and its consequence – alcoholic disease.

Psychological characteristics of children:

The children know that people condemn drunkenness, blame them, those are bad parents. So Piperi trying to hide the shame of the family. Kids can’t openly talk about my family or with friends or with teachers. The habit of concealing buslaw-live the need to ignore reality. Secrecy, evasion, deception becomes normal components of life. As a result, each becomes Xia suspicious

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