Child 10 months of not sleeping well at night

Healthy baby’s sleep is important for normal development. If your baby is not sleeping at night, you need to find out the reason and to take any measures that the night was quiet and calm.

Children begin to dream while you are still in your mother’s womb with the twenty-fifth week of pregnancy, it is scientifically proven. Children’s sleep develops the mind and other senses. If the child does not sleep, it affects his mental and physical development. Many moms wonder why her baby has trouble sleeping at night at the age of one year, as to understand the cause of poor sleep. ‘ll look at the example of a bad dream ten-month baby.

Why the child is not sleeping?

Children who are born to sleep at night, and did not Wake up, are exceptions. Babies do not sleep as adults, their sleep is designed differently. Mode at this age are usually not installed yet.

But there are also several reasons why the child does not sleep at night at 10 months:

Maybe a baby suffers from colic, if the mother at 10 months of feeding your baby and drink lots of cow milk;

Abdominal pain can disrupt sleep if the infant formulas are poorly absorbed;

Violation of a night’s sleep, the baby can be associated with allergies to salicylates from food;

Before giving to a child in 10 months something new from the products, it is best to consult with your pediatrician. Salicylates commonly found in food additives, dyes, and sometimes in vegetables and fruits;

The child has a 10 month can cut your teeth;

Perhaps the parents are to blame for the bad dream baby, just not right lead to his upbringing. Or mom just not in the mood, because the baby feels psychological disorders parents.

Many mothers wonder why her baby used to sleep well and not Wake up, and at ten months, he began to torment insomnia. The reason is that the baby is developing and this period is very entertaining for him. Now the baby can roll over, crawl and becomes more mobile, he will explore the whole world around.

Observing the child in ten months, will see that he does not have time during the day to the wolf, he was once an elementary, because there are so many interesting, new, everything you can touch and taste. By evening the baby is tired and wakes up at night to eat.

What to do to the baby sleep well?

If the child is fast asleep, to Wake him in no event it is impossible. The baby needs to form their own sleep and wakefulness. The child will be more difficult to get used to normal life, if to Wake him up at night. But this does not mean you have to maintain complete silence in the house, when your child is sleeping, it is not necessary only to Wake.

No need to whisper or tiptoe when the baby is sleeping, you can not be afraid to turn on the TV or music. The child must get used to the home environment, and learn to sleep under the usual sounds. If from birth you will provide your child complete silence to sleep, then it is unlikely you will fall asleep at the slightest distracting sound, so as soon as possible, you need to teach your baby to sleep in any situation.

You must make sure that the baby is well-fed, well-pokerman before bedtime.

Night feeding at 10 months it is recommended to repeal them. The kid can ask to eat, cry a few minutes, but you have to sit through five days of a child should be sleeping through the night without interruption.

If from night feeding is still difficult to wean, it is possible to make this procedure better in silence with a light small light. And in the afternoon, on the contrary, in bright light and loud noise, for example, sing the baby a song or talk loudly. So the baby understand the difference between night and day feeding.

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Maybe your baby to potty-train? One answer to this question is no, every mother decides how to proceed. Previously, all parents have swaddled their children at night until the age of eighteen months. Currently swaddling is not so popular, parents regard the chaotic motion as a protest from the cradle, but it’s just an unconscious movement that increase the tendency to overstimulation.

If the child does not sleep at night, you can try to reduce daytime sleep. The kid needs to understand that night is for sleep. You can use a nifty trick: put the alarm on sleep, it will be as a warning that it is time to bed.

If the crumbs are their own bedroom, no need to tightly close the door, baby is important to hear that mom is somewhere near.

Mental disorders of mother, the child feels it, so when you lay the baby, it is important to be completely relaxed.

The repetition will give the kid confidence. This means that, should at one and the same time put to sleep, the same way lay in bed, turn off the lights, before bathing, feeding. Creating a ritual for bedtime, the baby will quickly get used to it, and will feel safe and will sleep better.

Having tried all the ways, you never manage to establish a child’s dream, it’s a reason to turning to the pediatrician, he will tell a more correct method, or offer sedatives.

Will the sickness

Before the parents could not get along without the motion sickness, the child fell asleep, had a lot of time to devote to the baby, rocking him in the cradle or hands. Modern parents are not all adherents of this method of sedation, some anti-motion sickness.

Supporters of the motion argued that the baby used still in the womb to the lungs pitching when walking pregnant. Therefore, cradling the baby in her arms, he feels more comfortable, strengthening the vestibular system and normalizes the function of internal organs.

Opponents of the motion believe that the baby is gradually getting used to this falling asleep without the swaddle sleep, is to put your baby in the crib, he immediately opens his eyes, and the dream vanished. There is also a suggestion, but it is not yet scientifically proven that if a baby is constantly rocking baby, then he when I grow up, can become addicted to extreme sports or alcoholism.

Every parent decides for himself how to calm your child if he has trouble sleeping at night. To rock or not, you need to look at the child’s behaviour and to navigate their own flair.

To properly rock your child, you need to follow some recommendations. Holding the baby in her arms, you can walk slowly around the room or sit (violently shake a child cannot, such shaking can result in syncope). To free his hands mom invented a special rocking devices like cradles with automatic mode.

Toddler fall asleep faster if they sing a lullaby or put a pleasant melody. Rocking baby sling will help on the rings, but it’s clear only during the day, when the mother is engaged in household chores. At 10 months the baby can be put to bed by the method of motion sickness, but when he turns a year, it is necessary to respect the day.

If the child does not sleep at night in ten months, you need for a restful sleep the baby to take the necessary action, because healthy sleep promotes normal development of the organism. Restful sleep is important for both adults and for babies.

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