Where To Position the Indoor And Outdoor Unit Of Your Split Air Conditioner

The installation of a split AC can be so crucial and disturbing. If it is done well, the lighting will give a satisfactory performance, and if it is not done with care it can be disturbing because it won’t give the desired cooling effect you want, and also there will be many repair issue with the whole system.

If a split AC is not installed well, one of the two principal problems that might be encountered is gas or refrigerant leakages. Commercial air conditioning repair Houston does advise their customers to ensure that their AC installation is done by an expert because of split AC installation requires constant practice.

The first step in split AC installation is the position of the indoor and outdoor unit.

Positioning Of Indoor Unit

To achieve optimum cooling effect ensure you locate the indoor unit where air can be distributed evenly in the entire allocated region.  It will be better if the indoor unit is located above the bed, for someone who dislikes direct flow from the AC unit the direction of air flow can be changed with the louvers. The indoor unit can be installed on walls.

If a wall mounted, indoor unit is to be installed it should be connected to a range of 8-10 ft above the floor level so that most of the air is used for cooling the room and not the floor. The unit should also be readily available so that one can conveniently wipe out dust from the filters. After all this is done what next is the positioning of the outdoor unit.

Positioning Of The Outdoor Unit

The outdoor comprises of the condenser, compressor condenser cooling fan and expansion valve this implies that most of the work is done by the outdoor unit. Therefore, the outdoor unit is to be installed in an open space. If terrace is not present in your building, it can be hanged on the outdoor walls with the help of steel angles.

The location of this unit should be easily assessable such that maintenance of its entire component can be easily done. It is always advisable to position the outdoor unit such that the indoor unit is below the outdoor unit because when the outdoor unit is placed below the indoor unit, some of the compressor power is spend on sending the refrigerant against gravity.

Hence the performance of the unit is reduced. Note that the outdoor unit are designed to withstand different climatic conditions, and there is always a loss of refrigerant cooling effect between the pipe connecting the indoor and outdoor unit so try  to maintain a short distant between them to reduce this loss

In conclusion, in other to achieve the optimum cooling effect in you split AC get you a professional AC installer in your area, and if you feel your AC is not working to the extent it should try and contact any. Commercial air conditioning repairs Houston. They can help you bring your air condition back to its best performance.