Calculated the sex of the baby!

Gone are the prejudices, and the progress has reached unprecedented miracles. Using the life experiences of the older generation and the achievement of scientific progress, couples are now engaged in the planning of family planning and sex of the child.

For the child’s sex meet sex chromosomes. Men have different sex chromosomes, one X chromosome is several times more than other Y – chromosome. The woman has 2 X chromosomes. Ie the sex of a child depends entirely on what chromosome contained in the sperm got to the egg: X or Y. There are plenty of techniques that allow you to schedule future sex of the baby.

Planning according to ancient Chinese calendar

They say that this technique had been in the catacombs for more than 700 years. The ancient Chinese method of planning the sex of a child is very easy to use, you only need to know the age of the mother at the time of birth and the month of conception of the child. By the age of the mother at the moment of conception of the child must be added to 8.5 – 9 months – this is the date of birth of the child. Many sources instead of a woman’s age at the time of birth indicates the age of the woman at the moment of conception the unborn child. This is a wrong theory.

Calculate the sex of the baby on a concrete example. The baby was conceived in January 2012. Date of birth mother 08.08.1980 year. On the day of her conception was 31 years old. On the day of birth (October 2012) she is already 32 years old. Look at the following table: month of conception – December, looking at the intersection with mother’s age (32 years). Turns out the boy.

On ovulation schedule

It is anticipated that 2-3 days before ovulation girls are conceived, and in the day or later boys. And this is due to the fact that the sperm with the male chromosome is very nimble, and soon reaches the goal, even though he lives no more than 1-2 days, and with the female chromosome is less mobile, but more lives 3 days. To determine the date of ovulation should be measured basal temperature for at least 3 or more months and make an ovulation chart. On the day of ovulation basal temperature (36,6–36,8) falls 0.4 to 0.5 degrees, and the next day rises to 37.

In addition, for conceiving girls, sexual intercourse should be shallow penetration of the penis into the vagina, and the woman recommended to refrain from orgasm.

For conceiving a boy need to use poses for deep injection of the penis and the woman should have an orgasm. It is believed that during orgasm the woman is allocated a secret, which contributes to the survival of the y sperm

According to the theory of spouses Budy

Interested in planning the sex of your baby with a patented theory of spouses Budy, according to which the sperm may or may not be a carrier of a Y-chromosome. The female body chooses what chromosome it “to attract”. According to the Johns Hopkins University, which in turn is used Budy, the egg secretes a chemical substance, resembling spirits. This fragrance captures the sperm. In the female cycle the egg attracts the X-chromosome and male cycle – the Y-chromosome, respectively, in the female cycle girls are born in a male – boys.

When calculating the sex of the baby based on taking the date of conception of the child and the expectant mother. If you do not know the exact date, take your date of birth and subtract about 8.5-9 months. Then define the parity or odd cycle. It is important to know that the odd woman give birth to a girl may in odd-numbered month, and the boy even. Even a woman will give birth to a girl in even-numbered month, and the boy in the odd.

‘ll look at the example of how to determine the sex of a child according to the above procedure. Date of birth mother: 29.11.1983. Subtract 8.5 months – get the period of conception of the mother: from February 26 – March 25, 1983. Look at the left column of the table (odd year) and at the intersection with the period of conception (from February 26 – March 25) we see that the woman at us odd. Ie, a child who will be conceived in one of the even frames even 2012, and 1 January-28 January, February 26 – March 25, etc. will be a boy.

Planning sex of the child consumed food

For conceiving girls are encouraged to eat the following foods: eggs, eggplant, asparagus, beets, carrots, cucumbers, green beans, peas, pepper, sugar, honey, spices, jam, chocolate. Meat and fish — limit. Fruit — except bananas, apricots, cherries and oranges.

For conceiving a boy eat plenty of meat and fish. Fruit lean on bananas and cherries, prunes and dried apricots.

Under certain problems of gastrointestinal tract is still will return to the gastroenterologist, so as not to hurt not myself, nor the unborn child.

Updated blood

This method of planning the sex of a child based on the properties of blood updated: men every four years, women every three years. For the calculation we take the date of the last blood loss (surgery, abortion), if any, if not, the date of birth of parents and consecutively added future father in 4 years, mother of 3 year. One of the parents is more “fresh” blood, sex and will be the baby. Calculate the sex of the baby for example. Date of birth of the father (operations not was)- 02.03.1980 year. Date of birth mother (operations and abortion was not) 08.11.1986 year. Suppose the conception is planned for July 2012.

mother: 08.11.1986 + 3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3= 08.11.2010 (the mother’s blood been updated 8 times and the last time in November 2010)

father: 02.03.1980 +4+4+4+4+4+4+4+4= 02.03.2012 (the blood of father been updated 8 times and the last time in March 2012) the Blood of his father later. Wait for the heir.

If the update period of the blood of the parents match, then the probability of twins. Statistics show about 50 percent guarantee of the forecast.

Planning the sex of the baby on national signs

When choosing the sex of your baby, you can rely on national signs.

Old people in the villages still recommend young couples for the birth of girls to put under the bed bows and combs, for the birth of the boys toy cars, guns, army caps, axe. The Egyptians looked up at the night sky. If the moon is full, it will be a boy. The Germans paid attention to the weather at the moment of conception. In “rainy” weather “turned on” girls, in warm and Sunny boys. The ancient Chinese put the woman during sexual intercourse, head to the North, if you wanted to conceive a boy, on South – to conceive a girl.

Determining the sex of your baby through ultrasound

The highest probability for determining the sex of the child is given the data of ultrasound examination when I can see the genitals of the baby.

But absolute accuracy makes invasive diagnostics, when to study, take a piece of the placenta or water thin puncture needle.

But why do we have a 100% chance. In any case we will be happy with a girl or a boy, and if you’re lucky then the twins! Remember, the birth of a child is God’s work, and if the child is meant to be born a boy – a boy, if a girl’s a girl.


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