Where To Position the Indoor And Outdoor Unit Of Your Split Air Conditioner

The installation of a split AC can be so crucial and disturbing. If it is done well, the lighting will give a satisfactory performance, and if it is not done with care it can be disturbing because it won’t give the desired cooling effect you want, and also there will be many repair issue with the whole system.

If a split AC is not installed well, one of the two principal problems that might be encountered is gas or refrigerant leakages. Commercial air conditioning repair Houston does advise their customers to ensure that their AC installation is done by an expert because of split AC installation requires constant practice.

The first step in split AC installation is the position of the indoor and outdoor unit.

Positioning Of Indoor Unit

To achieve optimum cooling effect ensure you locate the indoor unit where air can be distributed evenly in the entire allocated region.  It will be better if the indoor unit is located above the bed, for someone who dislikes direct flow from the AC unit the direction of air flow can be changed with the louvers. The indoor unit can be installed on walls.

If a wall mounted, indoor unit is to be installed it should be connected to a range of 8-10 ft above the floor level so that most of the air is used for cooling the room and not the floor. The unit should also be readily available so that one can conveniently wipe out dust from the filters. After all this is done what next is the positioning of the outdoor unit.

Positioning Of The Outdoor Unit

The outdoor comprises of the condenser, compressor condenser cooling fan and expansion valve this implies that most of the work is done by the outdoor unit. Therefore, the outdoor unit is to be installed in an open space. If terrace is not present in your building, it can be hanged on the outdoor walls with the help of steel angles.

The location of this unit should be easily assessable such that maintenance of its entire component can be easily done. It is always advisable to position the outdoor unit such that the indoor unit is below the outdoor unit because when the outdoor unit is placed below the indoor unit, some of the compressor power is spend on sending the refrigerant against gravity.

Hence the performance of the unit is reduced. Note that the outdoor unit are designed to withstand different climatic conditions, and there is always a loss of refrigerant cooling effect between the pipe connecting the indoor and outdoor unit so try  to maintain a short distant between them to reduce this loss

In conclusion, in other to achieve the optimum cooling effect in you split AC get you a professional AC installer in your area, and if you feel your AC is not working to the extent it should try and contact any. Commercial air conditioning repairs Houston. They can help you bring your air condition back to its best performance.

What impacts HVAC operation cost

Houston HVAC companies design HVAC systems keeping in view the hot and humid weather. It is necessary that all the factors are taken into account while designing the HVAC system. Internal and external thermal loads play a major part in determining the type of system designers select and the Houston HVAC Contractors install on site. The primary function of the HVAC system is to reverse heat gain and heat loss in summer and winter respectively. So what are the factors that drive these internal and external thermal loads? Let’s take a look at them.

As shown in the image above, during the summers i.e. when the building is in cooling mode, the external heat gain (it is termed as heat gain as the outside temperature is higher during summers as compared to interior space and heat flows from outside to inside) into the space is mainly through the walls, roof, glass and air infiltration. While the internal heat gains are represented by the heat radiated by the activity levels of people, lights and equipments within the space. Now a distinction has to be made between sensible heat gain and latent heat gain.

Sensible heat: When an object is heated, its temperature rises as heat is added. The increase in heat is called sensible heat. Similarly, when heat is removed from an object and its temperature falls, the heat removed is also called sensible heat. Heat that causes a change in temperature in an object is called sensible heat.

Latent heat: All pure substances in nature are able to change their state. Solids can become liquids (ice to water) and liquids can become gases (water to vapor) but changes such as these require the addition or removal of heat. The heat that causes these changes is called latent heat. Latent heat however, does not affect the temperature of a substance – for example, water remains at 100°C while boiling. The heat added to keep the water boiling is latent heat. Heat that causes a change of state with no change in temperature is called latent heat.

So the HVAC system works to counter both sensible and latent heat gains into the space during summers and heat losses during winters. Higher the heat gains or losses, higher the HVAC operational costs. Therefore it makes sense to reduce these heat gains/losses.

The heat gains/losses through the roof and walls can be reduced by adding adequate insulation and having light color paints on the exterior. By selecting a glass with low Solar Coefficient (SC), the heat gains can be minimized during summers but it would have a negative impact in winters where you would want to have more solar heat coming in through the glass. Properly sealing the gaps can reduce the air infiltration. Using Energy Star rated equipments, installing LED lights, automatic lighting controls can help in reducing the internal heat gain.

A compromise has to be achieved between cooling and heating energy of HVAC systems and the Houston HVAC companies know this the best.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

Commercial air conditioning repair services are offered by air conditioning companies. These companies are set up to offer their services to particular regions which may be vast but located within the country. A company employs a team of specialized technicians who can recommend, install and repair a climate control system ideal for home and office. This therefore implies that the companies strive to offer the very best commercial air conditioning repair at the most competitive rates.

In commercial air conditioning repairs, the basic service offered is repairs and maintenance. The services require very highly skilled tradespeople with several years industry experience and have the absolute expertise needed to repair and prolong the life of any type of climate control systems. They therefore can install, repair and maintain a wide range of climate control systems such as commercial system, split systems, ducted systems, evaporative cooling systems, regular maintenance work, and service and breakdowns.

You and your workers can rely on air conditioners to keep you comfortable at the workplace when temperatures are sore and not very conducive, for instance, during summer. In case it breaks down in the middle of a summer period, then this hot, sticky and humid conditions can never be desired. Several problems can result to breakdowns or cause the air conditioner to fail. This could be because of a failure in the compressor or even the motor, or an incorrect working of the thermostat or sensor. Dirty filters and evaporators also cause such problems. Not only should you repair your units when broken, but it is also required that the units get to be professionally inspected and adjusted accordingly at the beginning of every cooling season.

You may require a well qualified trustworthy and experienced technician – just as I had pointed out earlier – to help with the examination of your system and do the repair. Improper care like not fixing a leak, and other minor errors may just create more problems. You should therefore seek the professionalism of companies that handle commercial air conditioning repair to ensure a good repair is done.

A simple cleaning may get your system back up and running, but you may need to replace a part. In some instances you may decide to consider replacement of the air conditioner if you feel it might not make sense to repair. The technicians you seek their services, will ensure your system repair is done well and regular maintenance is handled perfectly. This ensures that your air conditioner works at top efficiency and extends its lifespan. However, your air conditioning repair should not just end at that. There are several maintenance procedures you can follow to keep your system operating at peak efficiency, even if there are very few or no repairs you can make yourself.

Frequent commercial air conditioning repair and checks is thus a basic requirement for the workplace. If this is not done in time, maybe the conditions at work may not be very welcoming or may lower the workers morale and it can affect the business or operations at work negatively.

Why Your Building Needs to Invest in Commercial Air Service

Sometimes you can’t help but use the service of a commercial air conditioning repair company. After all, it is barely summer and your unit is not functioning properly. You can imagine if you would have to spend the summer months in your office or in your own commercial store to run your own business without an air conditioner functioning properly. Besides the uncomfortable feeling when hot air blown into your workspace and cause sweating and other discomforts, it may cause damage to your walls and windows. What else can you do to avoid being trapped in that situation? The choice with the fastest result would be using commercial air conditioning repair service to return your comfort as well as your employees’ for the upcoming summer months.

If you don’t have enough knowledge to perform the repair yourself, then you better not or it will be mess. It would be better if you stay out of the stuffs you can’t handle and start doing things you good at and leave this matter to the specialist. You can’t afford to spend your precious time repairing those cooling devices. Therefore, you can use the service of commercial air conditioning repair. Make sure you have the proper agents which know what they do to repair your precious air conditioner. Next time you have the similar symptoms don’t wait till long and contact the service company asap. You would find a lot of commercial repairing companies which are ready to provide commercial AC repair services so that you enjoy working on your projects.

Why it needs trained professionals for this work

Commercial air conditioning repair is significantly different from residential ones, the one at houses. The workers in this job has undergone specialized training in repair and installation work. Commercial air conditioners are more extensive than the residential ones. Due to its size, it will need a number of people to get these cooling equipment uninstalled, repair and fix them back. Moreover, commercial air conditioners come in a bundle with the evaporator and the condenser are placed in a single cabinet. Most of the time, the repairs will be done on the roof. No technician can fix problems unless he is experienced and trained.

Ventilation system could be the one of the causing problem of the cooling machines in your workplace. It is very hard to diagnose a defect on this part. But a specialist with formidable experience can find the problem and fix it in no time. You’d better leave this kind of matters into the right hand.

Lastly, by using the professional support, you will never put your business’ luxury and comfort at risk. It is important to have the workflow run smoothly. You have to make sure all the people who are in your office get the perfect comfort while they are at work.

You can find companies which offer commercial air conditioning repair services as many as you want. You’d better always hire the ones who have a good reputation and tracks in serving clients. What you can do is that check what your chosen repair service provider is expert at and whether only skilled and experienced technicians work there.

Poor Air Quality In Schools

School districts in various states are experiencing issues with poor indoor air quality. Do you know whether your school has this issue and if so, how do you correct the problem? Repower has done a bit of research as to why our school districts are not investing in proper air conditioning repair services.

Problems Caused by Poor Indoor Air Quality

Air conditioning Repair Houston

The most common signs of poor air quality are air that feels dry and stale or the presence of dust or grit in the atmosphere. Low indoor air quality has been associated with increases in illness and absenteeism among building occupants. If your school has an indoor air quality problem, it is far from being the only one.

According to data collected by the United States Government Accountability Office, more than half of schools around the nation are having some kind of issue with their indoor air quality. As there are millions of children and school staff members spending a large portion of their day in these buildings, it is a problem that needs to be taken seriously.

Bad air quality can cause various health problems among children and adults, resulting in them taking more time off. Poor air can reduce productivity as well. Finally, poor indoor air quality can shorten the lifespan of HVAC systems.

How to Improve a School’s Air Quality?

There are a few things that can be done by school administrators to improve the air quality within their building.

The air vents should be inspected to make sure that they’re clean and free of any obstruction. Rooms that have a lot of upholstered furniture items, stuffed animals or live animals should be cleaned more thoroughly. Classrooms should be free of clutter so that janitorial staff can clean them better and air filters should be replaced on a regular basis.

If the problems persist, hiring professionals to perform indoor air quality verification and testing is a good idea. The tests they perform will measure the quality of the air and can be used to put together an action plan to improve it.

Air Conditioning Crucial To Urban Planning

One of the most ironic things that a majority of major businesses experience during the summer months, is an office building that is too cold inside. This is a bit strange when you consider the fact that the summer months are inherently warmer than the winter months, which would make a person think that things would be the opposite. The problem lies within the overall design of air conditioning units that are utilized by large commercial buildings, which feature flaws that make workers chilly, based on the fact the overall temperature is far too cold. In fact, three fifths of overall employees who work in major office buildings report that they are too cold during the summer months at work, leading to a lot of them having to resort to using heaters during the Summer, which is again, something that is very unexpected.

There is a huge amount of waste that is derived from these flaws, and is something that needs to be addressed. Confronting and solving these types of design flaws have a bunch of benefits for everyone that is involved in these various companies, including increasing overall quality of life, providing savings to business owners, reducing pollution, and a handful of other very big benefits. A lot of patience will be needed by the designers of such flawed units, as well as the businesses that are working to get these problems resolved, as there is going to have to be some understanding and admittance of units that were built faulty and with flaws. However, these are issues that need to be solved and over time, there is no question that things will get better for everyone involved. The root of the problem is a technical and engineering flaw, but luckily, an air conditioning repair Houston company is advancing by leaps and bounds in both areas and can solve this problem with time and patience.